Microsoft Windows 10 Pro: Hands-On Training

Learn Windows 10 using applied, practical hands-on learning

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to support and troubleshoot Windows 10  in a Windows Server domain environment. These skills include understanding Windows 10 features, how they can be used in an Active Directory environment, and troubleshooting them.

This course is targeted for Enterprise Desktop Support Technicians, who provide Tier 2 support to users running Windows 10 on personal computers within a Windows domain environment in small to medium size organizations.

This course is highly recommended for IT professionals who administer and support Windows 10 desktops, devices, users, and associated network and security resources. These professionals typically work with networks configured as Windows Server domain-based environments with managed access to the Internet and cloud services.

If you can set up your virtual lab environment, you will not have an issue completing the remainder of the course. However, please do not enroll until you have completed either section 2 or section 3 of the course.

This course teaches you the basic skills of Installation, Configuration, and maintaining the windows 10 Pro operating system.

This course provides a solid hands-on experience for learning Microsoft Windows 10 and is designed for those needing to demonstrate basic day-to-day administration and configuration skills required for maintaining a Microsoft Windows 10 machine.

This course is structured using short tutorial videos and some hands-on labs as needed. Students watch a short video tutorial, review the hands-on lab, and then complete the lab. 

Why should I take this course?   

  1. A solid hands-on training course with lab practice   
  2. A complete guide for how to install, configure and maintain Microsoft Windows 10 Pro      
  3. You will learn to install Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or better   
  4. You will also learn Microsoft networking and adding Windows 10 to a domain environment

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See you in the course!!!   

Who this course is for

  1. Those wanting to learn Windows 10 Pro.
  2. Those supporting Windows 10 Pro.
  3. Those seeking help in configuring Windows 10 Pro.


  1. Very happy with the format and the ability to work within virtual box. Much more to continue to learn ~ Al Marsella
  2. Topics are useful and well explained ~ H K Goh
  3. Professional course by a professional teacher! It says alll! Like it very much! ~ Y Perron
  4. Very thorough, worthwhile even with more than 20 years experience ~ E Ahlsen-Girard
  5. Picked up some good little tools and info, amazing what's hidden in windows 10 ~ Carl H
  6. I am using this course (and others) to refresh my Tier II/III skills. It is quickly knocking the rust off. Thanks for your time! ~ C Brown
  7. Clear, and very instructive. I don't regret at all to have chosen this course ~ Heykel

What you'll learn

  1. Plan, install and upgrade to Windows 10.
  2. Perform post-installation configuration.
  3. Implement networking.
  4. Implement network security.
  5. Implement remote management.
  6. Manage local storage.
  7. Manage files and resources.
  8. Secure Windows 10.
  9. Maintain and update Windows 10.
  10. Recover and troubleshoot Windows 10.


  1. Good computer, keyboard, and mouse skills.
  2. Networking fundamentals, including Transmission Control Protocol /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  3. Experience deploying and configuring network services, including DNS.
  4. Experience deploying Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) for Server 2012, 2016, or 2019.

Course Content

12 Sections 53 Lectures 4h 41m total length

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