Mindset to Win and Influence

Learn to win and positively influence people through the power of a growth mindset.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Mindset: Gain the Flexibility of Skilful Communicators and Achieve Your Success

Here is where your journey as an Outstanding Communicator begins. 

This is the First Module (Mindset) of my signature training program.

Module 2 is all about Communication 1-2-1, and Module 3 is Public Speaking. Check them out. 

Unlock your full potential to achieve your most desired goals: 

  • Talk your way up the business ladder. 

Learn how to connect and make the most out of your human interactions within any business environment. 

  • Become the influential leader people look up to. 

Learn the communication skills to lead and positively influence other individuals, teams and entire organisations. 

  • Grow your personal brand and your business. 

Become a holistic business owner capable of successfully promoting yourself and your brand via different channels. 

  • Create enriching and long-lasting relationships. 

Acquire the ability to build a climate of trust and openness where human interactions thrive. 

  • Achieve anything you set your mind to. 

80% of your success depends on your Mindset and Communication Skills, exactly what this training course is about. 

Join me on this transformational journey.

Who this course is for

  1. This is for any person looking for success and change.
  2. If you are a manager, business owner, ambitious employee, you have just graduated and are looking for a job.


  1. Jose is awesome. He transports a lot of "positive vibes" by video. I like his style and this course gave me a lot of new impulses. Thank you!
  2. Good, the last video I saw was very informative, I was just thinking about a negative thing and this helped me rethink it and reframe it in a more positive way ~ Fabián J
  3. Very nice motivation video, this video improve our confidence and knowledge ~ Narasimham
  4. Excellent and always good to view things in another perspective and take to a positive ~ J Hutt
  5. I'm enjoying it. It's making me think. It's also highlighted how much consideration I have already given to what's being discussed. I am now inclined to want to know more about the conscious/un-conscious and sub-conscious minds. Also - how these states evolved (or how much, if any, they have evolved). What has been their evolutionary purpose. I like this: 'The saying in psychology is, “Perception is projection.” What you see is who you are.' I am now on Section 3 and really getting into this. Some practical applications too! ~ TP Bragg
  6. When there's will, there's a way! Just carry a winner's mindset and you will succeed. Insightful knowledge shared by Jose. Thanks ~ Rashmi
  7. Great. Very interesting to learn that the communication process starts within, it begins as an inside job. This training is very thought provoking and provides amazing tools and techniques to gain new perspectives, set and achieve your outcomes and overall how to take control of your life and achieve what you want. I invite you all to go through this learning experience ~ A Durán
  8. Learning how to communicate with ourselves is necessary if we want to create change in our lives. Turning our current mindset into a one that serve us better is achievable and this training gives very useful tools for that. If you are looking for change, then start looking inside, in yourself first ~ Sara

What you'll learn

  1. Mindset: Find & Unleash your Excellence. 
  2. Understanding how we create our reality. 
  3. Our thinking patterns and how they influence our view of the world. 
  4. How we do, What we do: Sequences of thoughts. 
  5. Gain flexibility: There is more than one perspective. 
  6. Setting outcomes and understanding their impact. 
  7. Self-Alignment: Finding the best version of ourselves. 
  8. [Bonus] - Training Manual with additional information and exercises.


Be open and ready to learn.

Course Content

8 Sections 36 Lectures 1h 11m total length

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