Network+ (N10-007): The Complete Course

This course is for those that need the Network+ to get the certification and to understand the fundamentals of Networking

Last updated 3/2023 English

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I developed this Network+ course to give you the fundamentals of Networking and to prepare you, not only for the Network+ certification but also to prepare you to study for other Networking certs, like the CCNA and others.

If you are thinking about getting into any IT field, you need the foundation to understand the terminology and learn the topics used in networks and the know-how to apply them.

Network+ is a key certification for anyone that needs and/or wants to understand networks and I have made it my mission to give you that information.

For anyone that wants to follow along, I'm using the Network+ study guide from Sybex, by Todd Lammle

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone that is interested in acquiring the fundamentals of Networking
  2. Students that want to prepare for their Network+ certification exam
  3. Students that want to pass the Network+ certification exam


  1. I like how the teacher uses real world examples like people at a party calling out the name of a person. This really helps me understand and visualize the topics being taught ~ J Wooldridge
  2. So far so good, like always Laz training is not boring. training is being explained properly. Thumbs up!!!!! ~ R Tawagon

What you'll learn

  1. Students will comprehend all the Network+ topics
  2. Students will be able to apply what they learned in the course and get their Network+ certification
  3. Students will receive the fundamental knowledge of Networking
  4. Students will be able to apply what they learn in this course to their current or future Networking career and/or Job


Students will need to have the latest Network+ (N10-007)

Course Content

16 Sections 45 Lectures 14h 23m total length

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