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When you enroll, you'll receive $175 worth of Google/Bing and Facebook advertising credits and a great interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush It! and founder of Wine Library TV.

This course covers more than 100 unique methods to increase profit, brand awareness, likes, shares, pins, upvotes, retweets and fan engagement on all of your social media networks.

There is a small amount of overlap with the social media section in my SEO course, but there is also more than two hours of material you won't find there!

To make the course easy to digest, nearly every lesson is screen-recorded in HD 1080p and includes transcripts and checklists in case you prefer text to audio or video.

These checklists are great for review but also include a link to everything you see in the videos so you can easily find anything you need. 

I'll personally be answering any questions you have and I'll be happy to provide links, resources and any help I can offer you in marketing your business on social media.

I'll also be updating the course every month with new tactics and approaches to social media marketing so that you're always up-to-date. 

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Every second you wait is just lost shares, likes and sales!

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone with a website or business they're looking to promote
  2. Anyone looking for proven methods of going viral
  3. This course is not for people who are already social media masters :)


  1. He is really clear, he is able to explain in detail, I recommend this course to everyone! ~ Maria T
  2. The course is detailed and takes you through a step by step process. From the first topic to the last every single subject is clearly explained with the tools to help you grasp the core of the course. I highly recommend it ~ S Sesay
  3. Comprehensive and valuable information that will certainly benefit anyone that wants to become part of the social media industry or just improve their brand ~ Osei H
  4. Most valuable was that this course explained how to leverage the power of these different social media platforms as a business. For example, by being a reputable individual on Quora, people will view my profile to see what I am all about, and my business which is shown in my Quora description would be what I am all about. The course also provides multiple useful links to provide the how behind the theory. Many people are not aware of these useful links but by watching this video you will be! ~ Nathan K
  5. Very informative!! Its like a real life education, that you can always come back to. Great job putting this together! ~ Daniel N
  6. I follow Gary V and even took his course, so I thought I was pretty aware of how to do social media "right", but I was really interested in how to go viral. I don't know that I'll be able to do that based on this course, but there were so many useful tips and links provided that I feel like I have an unfair advantage vs other social media users. Highly recommend!! ~ S Warmuth
  7. The course goes over the major Social Media platforms with enough important details that would allow you to implement a viable Social Media Marketing campaign. With references to the best practices for each platform, tools and analytics, I find this course to be worth every minute of my time ~ M Paulo
  8. This course has a lot of great information and strategies for making the most out of your social media accounts. I am looking forward to integrating some of these ideas into my current practices! Easy to digest lectures that deliver quality information make this course a great value. I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to get a foothold in social media marketing ~ L Garay
  9. Great starter for beginners or a refresher course for those that need one. Great hints, tips and tricks to get you started in whatever niche you are planning on working in when it comes to marketing and social interaction ~ Karla T
  10. Incredible! This was THE best course I've ever taken on ANY subject, let alone how to maximize social media! I spent all day Saturday watching the videos and applying many of the tips and tricks, and am excited about going through the copious notes I took to take my social media efforts to the next level. Well done, sir. Well done ~ CJ Scarlet
  11. Worth paying for the course just for a couple of new tools (and old tools) I now use religiously. Great stuff I bought all the rest of your courses ~ Justin D
  12. Simple info but handy and often over looked. Very Happy with the Course. Will recommend and have my staff look over the course in detail as it's a great refresher course and it targets the requirements to get started ~ Joshua Dickson

What you'll learn

  1. Guarantee your posts show up in your fans' Facebook newsfeeds
  2. Collect emails and brand every link you tweet, even if it's not your own
  3. Double your sales and boost SEO using Pinterest
  4. Create a Linkedin profile and posts that get attention and shares
  5. Write the most upvoted answer and promote your business on Quora
  6. Go viral on all 5 of these social media marketing platforms


No experience necessary :)

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