Photography: Individual & Family Posing - Live Sessions

Dramatically improve your portraits with these easy relaxed posing techniques. Flatter your subjects & they'll love you!

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Follow me on live photo sessions with individuals, couples, 'fuller figure' subjects, young and older siblings and large and extended families and watch how I pose them to overcome their natural tendencies to sit or stand like statues and to get some great portraits.

  1. Real life indoor and outdoor photo sessions.
  2. Warts and all posing i.e. some of them don't quite work, and I say why!
  3. Mostly non-model real live people, like you and me.
  4. Create beautiful family photos by getting your lovely subjects into more natural, relaxed and flattering positions..
  5. Practice the easy steps in this course and it will pay huge dividends in your portraits.
  6. PDF crib sheets are available for most of lectures, keep them with you.

Models aside, the majority of us are not aware of our natural and unconscious body positions and so we don't usually present ourselves as well as we might. For example, most of us tend not to be concerned with where or how we place our hands and arms, tilt our heads, or position our feet. This course shows how I handle that problem, and how I position and pose people to get great results.

Posing is a powerful skill that will transform your portraits, not only can you copy the ones demonstrated in the videos, but understanding the general basic dynamics of a good pose, will help you to create your own.

Each video has a short introduction and summary of the photo session that just took place, it's then followed by the live photo session.

Who this course is for

  1. Even if you prefer landscapes, wildlife or sports photography, at one time in your photographic 'career', you're likely to be taking some portraits.
  2. So this course is for every photographer, no previous knowledge required.


Modesty almost forbids me publishing some comments about my teaching style, taken from reviews of my other two courses, but I overcame that, so here they are:-

  1. 'Bernie is really easy to listen to, and his videos were really entertaining and kept you listening' (I also like his accent!)
  2. 'Many online courses suffer from over prepared, monotonic boring voice overs but Bernie's style is a bit like having your mate round to show you how to do something. This even goes to leaving some bloopers in which makes it human and fun'.
  3. 'Bernie is a hoot! He knows his material, presents it well, and is witty to boot. It's a great combination in a teacher'.
  4. 'I love Bernie's approach. Such a great instructor'.
  5. 'Bernie is an excellent teacher and his enthusiasm for photography is contagious'.
  6. 'Bernie is a fantastic tutor'.
  7. 'Love it, love it, love it!!'

What you'll learn

  1. Improve your portraits using these great live photo session posing tips.
  2. Easily create your own poses, once you understand the basic principles.
  3. Confidently pose individuals, couples and families, real people, not models.
  4. Learn to pose individuals, male and female.
  5. Learn to pose couples and young and older siblings.
  6. Learn to pose mum, dad and children.
  7. Learn to pose 'fuller figure' subjects.
  8. Learn to pose large family groups.


Because this is a non-technical course, any type of camera will suffice, DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact or even a Smartphone will be fine.

Course Content

5 Sections 23 Lectures 2h 55m total length

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