Practical Leadership: Complete Guide to Great Leadership

Get a complete practical & expert guide on how to develop leadership and management skills needed to be a great leader

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Discover your leadership traits, and use them to inspire others in this in-depth study of key traits that make great leaders who they are. Become an effective leader by learning how to adopt these traits, and how they impact organizations.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a leader?

In this class we'll take a deep dive into what makes great leaders so special.

What characteristics do the people that reach the top of organisations exhibit? What makes them so special? Why do people follow their mission? How do they inspire others to be at their natural best?

We'll look at 18 characteristics that make great leaders who they are.

We'll explore subjects such as

  1. The Leadership Mission
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Empowerment & Psychological Safety
  4. Inspiration & Creativity
  5. Coaching
  6. Honesty & Integrity
  7. The Strive for Perfection
  8. Perspective & Equanimity

At the end of this course you'll have a clear picture of how great leaders operate and you'll have the ammunition to be able to develop your own skills and boost your own chances of making it as a leader in your organisation.

The course is fast paced, easy to consume, narrated with clear messages.

The Leadership Mindset: Characteristics of Great Leaders

I've been a people manager at some of the biggest companies in the world for over 20 years. I've studied closely the people in positions of responsibility that I've worked with and for. Many of them are certainly not leaders, despite their seniority. And many people at the bottom of the ladder are most definitely leaders. It's about their mindset not their position. Leadership isn't some magic divine force that people are born with. It's a skill, just like any other, and can be learned, refined and perfected.

Honesty, Coaching & The Mission

In this lecture you'll learn how the leadership mission is vital to being able to inspire people to follow you. Great leaders are committed to the mission and everything they do has a purpose. You'll also learn how effective leaders leverage coaching techniques to get the best from their teams as well as showing 100% honesty, even when the truth hurts. And you'll see how leaders are always looking to praise others and step out of the spotlight themselves, when things are going great. Lots of great tips here and you'll really start understanding how the mind of great leaders works. 

Empathy, Togetherness & Feedback

In this lecture you'll learn how great leaders empathise with their teams on an emotional level, forging strong connections that inspire people to bring their best self to work. You'll also see how leaders use a "Sports Coach Mindset" to get the best out of different personalities as well as ensuring that their mission benefits everyone, not just themselves. 

Change, Authenticity & Enablement

In this lecture you'll learn how being authentic is one of the most powerful tools a great leader can use. You'll see how they thrive on change and have a fundamental understanding of self & situational awareness. Leaders can also be amusing and use self-deprecating humour as a powerful motivational tool.

Perspective, Empowerment & Emotional Intelligence

Leaders always show a sense of perspective in support of their mission. Their knowledge of emotional intelligence is critical to empowering teams and they always provide a safe place for people to innovate and express themselves. We're getting deep into the mind of a leader now. If you can implement these tips then you'll be well on the way as well. 

My Favourite Tips & Bonus!

Leaders are driven towards a mission, are full of praise for others and have integrity and authenticity at the heart of everything they do. They're dedicated to helping the wider population and crave opportunities for improvement and self-development. You'll also see expertise in the areas of emotional intelligence and awareness which are key skills that when developed, can be real enablers for people at any stage of their careers, but which are key to senior leadership positions.

People have been asking me which of these tips do I consider to be the most important? That's a hard question to answer. Find out in this lecture as well as a bonus tip!

Who this course is for

  1. People wanting to be leaders or progress to senior positions
  2. People passionate about empowering teams
  3. Those wanting to understand the leadership mindset

What you'll learn

  1. Understand the key personality and behavioral traits seen in amazing leaders
  2. Tips and tricks for how you can implement the behaviors of a leader
  3. How to inspire and motivate your teams to follow your leadership mission
  4. How to understand and leverage emotional intelligence to connect with people on a human level


  1. The desire to be a leader
  2. A desire to understand what leaders are thinking

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