PTSD - How to Process Shock & Trauma

This course has both academic content and experiential and practical components, with techniques to attain closure.

Last updated 6/2023 English

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This course is designed for those who work with trauma/shock survivors or those who are trauma/shock victims themselves and who have not yet found a way to collapse and clear any images/memories and resultant fears, anxieties, depression or addictions as a result of ongoing emotional and physical disturbances. The companion book for the course (in PDF form) can be found in the final section of the course.

What am I going to get from this course?

This course has both academic content and experiential and practical components, with techniques to attain closure. The course contains video and audio lectures as well as resource material, references and links.

What is the target audience?


  1. Counsellors
  2. Clinicians
  3. Therapists
  4. Critical Incident Stress Debriefers
  5. Psychologists
  6. Psychiatrists
  7. Mental Health Practitioners
  8. Trauma Specialists
  9. Students of Psychology/Psychiatry/Criminology

Clients and patients of the above including:

  1. Military Veterans
  2. Victims of crime or abuse
  3. Victims of terror
  4. Those who suffer from trauma and shock
  5. Sufferers who have not sought treatment
  6. Sufferers who are getting treatment but have not yet been successful in processing their traumatic histories
  7. Those who have repeated nightmares or images that haunt them
  8. Those who have had emotional, sexual or physical trauma from accidents or deliberate acts of violence or have been witness to same
  9. Those who have had vicarious trauma
  10. Those who have been ‘uncomfortably spotlighted’ – which could include having been bullied
  11. Those with ‘stuck/frozen’ memories/images
  12. Loved ones who wish to share new possibilities with victims of shock and trauma

Who this course is for

  1. Counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health workers, VA workers, sufferers of PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, fears, phobias, compulsions and obsessions.
  2. Those who have suffered or witnessed abuse, victims of accidents or witnesses to horror and those who have suffered in silence.


  1. I love simple techniques that have the potential to make a difference in my clients' lives. Very practical skills that I will practice on myself and hopefully pass on. Thank you, Dr. King ~ J Robitaille
  2. So helpful!! Not only for use with my clients but also for myself ~ Alexis A
  3. It was really good for my personal development. Loved the tapping technique that we can do anywhere, whatever bad thoughts come to our minds ~ C Scheele
  4. The course takes you through solid techniques to help you cope and dissipate trauma and shock memories that keep you from being the best you can be and moving forward ~ I Alatzakis
  5. Easy to understand explanation of hurt and trauma. Problematic manifestations ie depression/anxiety, when trauma is not brought to the surface or recognized for healing ~ H LaBelle
  6. The inner child retrieval was a revelation for me. Thank you so much for that. You've given me a great set of tools so I can help other people. I am very grateful ~ M Sexton
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this course, Mr. King!! All the contents were easy to understand, follow and apply. I had cleaned and cleared most of my personal traumas through meditation and yoga. However, seeing many people suffer out there (not knowing we actually have the ability to heal from it), I have always wanted to learn more about anything that is PTSD-related. This happens to be the very first course I'm truly interested in signing up. After completing this course, I have signed up for your "Authenticity" How to Achieve It" course. Can't wait to start that one. Thank you again. I cannot wait to do more research on the books you recommended and to share the knowledge I just learned from you with others! :) ~ Vivien F
  8. Interesting content, course well designed, the teacher is an excellent expert, the teacher is extremely good at teaching ~ Enrico V
  9. I absolutely loved this ty so much, i will be able to further help and support others in a much deeper way ~ S Nobes
  10. This course proved to be very informative and valuable in learning how to help other move beyond the trauma and abuses suffered in their lives. I look forward to taking more courses so that I can build on this foundation ~ Marcus L
  11. It was very helpful and a great techniques that can be used to clear so many blockages. i truly enjoyed this course. Thank you and i look forward to reading your book ~ C Marud
  12. This course was most beneficial in teaching some simple techniques that will help clients as well as therapists in their healing process from trauma. The use of energy practices was most interesting and easy to learn. The instructor was engaging, compassionate and clear in communicating his knowledge and the benefits of the tools he was imparting. I highly recommend this course! ~ L Blevins
  13. This course is helpful to clear myself and people around me that I see suffering. I've never been to a councillor or therapist in my life and like these new techniques. I'll be checking out the other links, philosophies and books recommended, thank you ~ Angie W
  14. My experience with this course was amazing it explained why water is needed for the healing process. I know so simple but also so easy to overlook. I found the instructor reminded me of my grandfather so it relaxed me. Between this course and the yoga routine I've been working on for months ironically for P.T.S.D The clouded memories are becoming clear the pieces I forgot about that were crucial to the most resent case of p.t.s.d. (8 years ago now). Steve King thank you for helping me to understand things better. Its still a bit of a journey (multiple cases of shock and trauma) that I still need to finish. But thank you for making me realize I wasn't wrong when I said I will beat this ~ J Burnside
  15. So grateful for this valuable course and information put together by this wonderful instructor. Steven is very warm and this course is so full of incredible insights and wisdom. Very grateful for all the work you did to put this course together and to make this so accessible. Thank you! ~ Daniela T

What you'll learn

Learn and Master

  1. This is about helping others or oneself in FINDING FREEDOM from addictions, obsessions, compulsions, fears, phobias, anxieties and trauma.
  2. It is an easy guide to understanding the nature of PTSD and potentially quick and simple solutions to releasing the impacts of same.

Mastering a skill/technique/tool

Discover the means by which an understanding of the origins, impact and nature of shock and trauma in people’s lives can be dissipated, cleaned and cleared at a pace and in a manner that is safe and healthy for the sufferer.


A desire to learn about the nature of shock and trauma and to discover new, practical, and easy-to-apply tools and techniques for collapsing trauma triggers and reactions.

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