Public Speaking Mastery

This course teaches you how to get your words out into the world and make a huge impact.

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This course is a 10-Part series covering every aspect of public speaking.

Your Message Matters

Whether you realize this or not, you have a unique message to share that only you can share to people that can only hear it from you. That message will save someone’s business, life, or soul. You are the only one who can deliver it and if you don’t, it will be undelivered for all eternity. That means, the people whose business, life, or soul you were supposed to touch, go on suffering for all eternity. It’s not too late. This course teaches you how to get your words out into the world and make a huge impact.

How to Speak Up and Grow Your Business Fast

Do you struggle every month to attract enough clients? How would you like an endless flow of new prospects month after month? The answer is simple: gain more visibility in your market. Many business owners are their own best kept secret. 

People are looking for them and cannot find them. The fastest way to gain business visibility and grow your business is by learning how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy! That’s right. The secret to closing more sales is getting in front of more people. Public speaking is the vehicle that set you on the road to business success. 

This course teaches you how to leverage your time, knowledge and talents and become a client magnet for life.

How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking

Although it has been said that public speaking is the number one fear next to death, no one has died from giving a speech. The real fear people are expressing is the fear of not being liked, looking stupid, being judged, or forgetting what they are going to say. It is common to experience some anxiety before an important presentation, however, if the anxiety stops you from speaking, it is time to learn how to conquer those fears. 

During this course you will learn speaking techniques to hold the jitters at bay and even to eliminate the fear altogether. You will learn how to step on stage with confidence and deliver an awarding-winning presentation. 

10 Tips for Effective Speaking for Business Owners

Public speaking is a great way for business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase their business, gain visibility in their market, and attract more clients. This marketing strategy works when you use it consistently and when done right it is guaranteed to grow your business fast.

Here are 10 powerful tips every business owner should know before stepping on stage.

How to Move Your Audience to Take Action

As a business speaker you must learn how to move your audience to action at the end of your presentation because this is where the money is. Learning what call-to-action to use for the right audience, amount of time, and topic is crucial. Many business speakers don’t realize the impact of their close and often use the wrong one. 

During this training stream you will learn different ways to authentically move your audience toward your desired results. You will learn techniques to internally move them to create a physical move later. Your audience will move if you give them a reason to move.

Get High on Public Speaking and Reach New Heights

As a business speaker is it important to strive to become a better presenter and to reach a certain level of confidence and authority with your talk. The fastest way to accomplish this is to fall in love with public speaking, do it as often as you can, and follow these basic principles. When you do, you too will feel an energetic high every time you step on stage that you cannot get from anywhere else.

How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech

How to Turn Your Killer Elevator Speech into a Magnetic Introduction

Most business owners attend networking groups to showcase their business. Yet very few attend an event prepared to deliver their business in a concise way that creates interest from the listener. Too often they mutter something they made up on the spot and confuse their audience and consequently lose business and opportunities. This does not have to be your reality. 

During this lesson I teach my step-by-step formula for creating a killer elevator speech that will stop people in their track, get them to drop their guard, listen to you and want to do business with you. All this in a 10-second business message that I call your core message.

How to Create a 5-Minute Business Showcase

Speaking time is rapidly getting shorter and shorter. Those days of having an hour to speak are quickly demising. It is imperative as a business owner to have ready a 5-minute showcase that you can use when you only have a few minutes to speak. During this lesson, I teach you my step-by-step formula for creating a powerful business showcase that will spotlight you as an expert in your field and get your business.

7 Non-Negotiable Rules

Do you know the 7 rules? Are you breaking them? Many speakers do. They forget the rules, break them, and then complain about their results. If you want the best results from your speaking efforts, you need to play by the rules. During this course you will learn what the non-negotiable rules of public speaking are, how to comply and how to never break a single rule. Why? Because breaking the rules will break your speech and your success.

What you'll learn

  1. How to use public speaking to generate leads
  2. Audiences have changed over the years, keep up with the new trends
  3. How to identify and pull out the hot leads from any room
  4. Eliminate the fear of public speaking forever
  5. Replace the fear with confidence
  6. Learn how to speak using a proven system
  7. Public speaking tips specifically designed for business owners
  8. How to use public speaking as a marketing strategy for your business
  9. Master the art of persuasion and influence your audience
  10. How do you motivate your audience to take action and buy from you?
  11. Moving your audience to take action is important for you to get clients
  12. There are different ways to create action from your audience
  13. Get excited to step on stage and share your message
  14. Use speaking to grow your business
  15. Change lives with your words
  16. Learn how to create a 30-second self-introduction that gets you more business
  17. Introduce yourself with confidence and clarity at any networking event
  18. Share what you do for your clients instead of sounding like a commercial
  19. To prepare a short 5-minute business speech that showcases your business
  20. Use a proven formula for developing a short business presentation
  21. Make your brief speech last a long time by being memorable
  22. Learn how to create an elevator speech that gets you more business
  23. Sell the benefits of what you do instead of the features
  24. Build curiosity and have your listeners asking to know more

Course Content

10 Sections 71 Lectures 2h 2m total length

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