Sales Mastery: Appointment Setting

Last updated 5/2022 English

Appointment setting is one of the most important skill sets for a salesperson to learn and ultimately master.

Eric Lofholm has been setting appointments since 1996. Eric began as an appointment setter for motivational superstar Tony Robbins.

He was then promoted to manage the appointment setting department. In 1999, Eric started his own sales training company and was responsible for booking all his appointments. In this course Eric shares his best practices he has used to keep his calendar filled with appointments for over 20 years. 

He will reveal his mindset as well as his best ideas about appointment setting. After completing this course, you will have ideas you can immediately use to book more appointments. You will have these skills for life.

Appointment Setting - There are 3 ways to elevate your appointment setting results – Inner Game, Outer Game and Action.

About the Angle – If you want to influence someone else, think like them. What is your angle before contacting them? People buy benefits.

Appointment Setting Systems – Do you have a system to set appointments? You want to have multiple systems online and offline that will give you predictable results. 

Mindset – Appointment setting is a learned skill! Change your mind set to become an appointment setting master!

Action – The key to setting appointments is to take action. You win no matter what!

Thinking in Combinations – When you have 2 ideas to set appointments, take both ideas and make them work together.

Goals – What are your appointment setting goals? Set a Goal, write down your Strategy and take Action! This is called G.S.A.

Stage Selling – This is where you sell to the next step! The purpose of setting an appointment is to set an appointment. 

Further the Sales Calls – This is a breakthrough idea, anytime you can get in front of the prospect further the sales call. 

Consistency – Consistency is key. Ask yourself how consistent are you in setting appointments? What have you done in the last 30 days consistently to set appointments?

3-Way Introduction – This is great way to get appointments and referrals and can be over email or text. 

Teaser Email – This a great way to reach out to your email list and book appointments.

Hire an Appointment Setter –This is another great way that can create extra appointments booked.

Using a Template – When communicating electronically, use a template for repetitive communications to prospects.

Case Study – In this video, Eric will share with you how he prospected a CEO of a company. 

Inviting – Inviting prospects to an event, webinar, or to join a group is another form of appointment setting.

Conclusion –Take action and implement one of the ideas you learned today and booked an appointment. 

What you'll learn
  1. How to use goal setting to instantly increase the number of appointments on your calendar.
  2. Practical tips on how to leverage social media to keep your calendar filled with appointments.
  3. Proven appointment setting script ideas and appointment setting templates idea that you can immediate implement.