Sales Mastery: Closing

Master the art of B2B sales to include prospecting, lead generation, scripting, and closing from a Master Sales Trainer

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In this course you will learn how to close the sale. Closing is a learned skill. Prior to me learning how to close I was the bottom producer on the team at my first sales job. Once I learned how to close I 5x my sales results in less than 3 months. I have gone on to do millions and millions of dollars in sales since. In this course I share with you my best ideas! Many of the techniques you will literally be able to use in your very next sales presentation.


This will be the best closing course you have ever attended. The purpose of this course is to make you a better closer. You learn my 3-step process. The content I will share is from 25 years of being in the field with my sleeves rolled up out closing deals just like you. Closing is asking for a commitment and if you really think about it, we close every day. You probably are doing 5 to 20 closes every single day. If you have children, asking them to clean there is an example. Asking a friend to lunch is another example of closing. Once you understand the methodology, it will help you increase your closing ratios and get more sales. 

Eric’s Story 

In this video, I will share with you a little bit about my background. Watch now to learn more about my story and how I got my start in sales.


What does it take to become great at closing? The answer is preparation! All you need to do is work on your skills and get better! Think of the sales process like a chain. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Improve any of the links in the chain and you will become more effective in sales. In this course, we will focus on closing.  

The System

In this video, I will share a couple of success stories of clients who followed my sales system. This is a step-by-step system that anyone can learn. The system is broken up into 3 steps.

  1. Sales Model
  2. Sales Mountain
  3. Sales Script 

Sales Model

The core of this course is the first step of my sales system which is Sales Model. Your sales model is the number of times you interact with your prospect during the sales process. For example, the Girl Scouts asks you, Would you like to buy some cookies? This is a one call close. Most times, you have two or three call close before your prospect buys. Think about how your leads come in and then what is next and then what is next until they buy from you. You need to identify what your sales model is.

Sales Mountain

The second step of my sales system is Sales Mountain. You’re a mountain climbing guide and your job is to guide the prospect up the sales mountain. The sales mountain is an outline for delivering an effective presentation. Ask yourself, What do I need to cover? Make a list of key things that you want to cover during your presentation. Once you have this list, put them in order and this will create your customized sales mountain. The Generic Sales Mountain is as follows:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Appointment Setting
  3. Trust and Rapport
  4. Identify Customer Needs
  5. Share the Benefits
  6. Close
  7. Objection Handling
  8. Follow up
  9. Qualify
  10. Referrals 

The Sales Script 

The third step in my sales system is the Sales Script. This is where you can see massive increases in your closing ratios. Humans act in predictable ways. You need to script your close. Write it down, practice it over and over. When you get down to precise language of what to say in the close and it works, you can say it over again and watch your sales increase. Top salespeople use a sales script whether they aware of it or not. A script is words in sequence that have meaning. You will want to write your close script. Write it down, practice your close, role-play and become your script. 

3 Ways to Elevate Your Closing Results

There are 3 ways to elevate your closing results – The Inner Game, Outer Game, and Action. The inner game of closing is mindset. The Outer Game is the how to’s. Action is the actual doing. If you strengthen all of these, you will increase your closing results.

Embracing Sales

One of the most important mindsets to develop is to embrace sales. When people think of a salesperson, most of it is negative. Most people think of salespeople as arm twisting, high pressure, manipulation. When you have this mindset, you are resistance to sales. Think about sales differently. I tell my clients the following to help them embrace sales. 

  1. Selling equals service
  2. Sell from honesty, integrity and compassion
  3. Selling is about leading
  4. Selling is about moving people to action 

The First of 3 

In my closing methodology, I have 2 groups of 3. The first group of three is transition into the close, body of the close, and final close. This is where we dissect the close. Instead of looking at the close as a whole, let’s look at little pieces of the close. The transition into the close is a bridge statement from the body of the close to let the prospect know you’re closing. The body of the close can include price, what’s included, guarantee, bonuses, how it works, payment methods, payment terms or scarcity. The final close is when you ask for the order. It can be as simple as “Are you ready to get started?’

The Second of 3 

In this video I will go over the second group of 3 and share an example of one my close for coaching clients. The second group of 3 is: 

  • Make a list of the components of the close
    • This includes price, what you’ll learn, what you get, etc
  • Put the components in order to create an outline
    • This is similar to the sales mountain but for the close
  • Scripting
    • This is where we will write a mini script for each component 


Congratulations on completing the course! Take action now and implement the ideas from this course to work on your close. I want you to become my next success story!

Who this course is for

New, beginner, and advanced level sales professionals looking to learn new skills to add to their tool belt.


  1. I love the mentality of how you can focus your mindset to make it much easier to prospect clients! ~ Aaron L
  2. One of the best course of selling I had done. Even if I already have experience in selling, I learned few new tricks. I truly recommend ~ Alexandru G
  3. Excellent course!!! Filled with tons of tips and tricks to help make you a better salesperson. Also the instructor is super engaging and fun to watch. I loved it! ~ Kenneth
  4. What an awesome course. Eric is delivering some really great info, and it is in bite size, understandable, it...I'm sure I'll be well-versed in sales with this course ~ Diana R
  5. Very informative! Receiving lots of information from a very experienced and competent trainer. I'm sure this will help me improve my skills as a sales professional ~ Thomas H
  6. Eric is really focused and I love these Golden Nuggets that make this course really worthwhile. One of those Nuggets will resonate with me and it will 100X the return on my investment in the course ~ Neil E
  7. I really enjoyed the course. Being self taught through YouTube, I felt a little lost trying to find prospects. This course gave me the tips and tricks that actually helped me find the right prospects and send them emails ~ Shubham J
  8. The content is excellent. It gives me an overview of Business Development and Sales. As a result, I feel inspired and have a clear picture of this role and what to do to achieve success in my career. I feel delighted and looking forward to coming back to continue the next section ~ Allen E

What you'll learn

  1. Learn how to create amazing sales scripts that close.
  2. Learn a proven system for getting to the close.
  3. Learn 3 ways to elevate your closing results.


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