Sales Mastery: Goal Setting

Last updated 5/2022 English

Goal setting is quite likely the most endorsed personal development strategy in the world. Goal setting is a learned skill. The more you work on your goal setting skills the better you get. In this course, Eric Lofholm shares his best goal setting ideas from his 20+ years of applying goal setting to his life and teaching goal setting to others.

The ideas in this course are a combination of the best goal setting ideas Eric has learned from studying what success and business legends, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown and others had to say about goal setting. Combine this with Eric's life experiences and you have this course. By watching this course, you will improve your goal setting skills now and forever.

Module 1 – Introduction

Goal Setting is a learned skill. The fundamentals of goal setting are you need to clearly define what you want, write it down and take action! Strive for goal setting mastery!

Module 2 - 10 Step Goal Setting Process 

What is Goal Setting? Goal setting is a process, a series of steps combined. Below are the 10 steps of the goal setting process. You will see that there is theme of “write it down”. Writing down your goals will increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.  

  1. Think about you want and write it down. 
  2. Decide exactly what you want and write it down.
  3. Look at your goal and make sure it is measurable.
  4. Identify the reasons why you want your goal and write them down.
  5. Decide on exact date you want to accomplish your goal and write it down.
  6. Make a list of action steps to accomplish your goal and write it down. 
  7. Create a plan from your list of action steps and write it down. 
  8. Take action! 
  9. Do something every day. 
  10. View, visualize, and speak your goals daily.

To simplify the 10 steps, think of G.S.A. Goal, Strategy and Action. Now that you have learned the 10-steps, take action. You learn by doing! 

Module 3 – Goal Achievement Concepts

Part 1

Your plan does not have to be elaborate. Pick goals that inspire you. In this video, I share a few simple ideas of how I achieved a few of my goals.

Part 2

Slice and Dice -To slice and dice is to break down something into smaller parts or to examine it from different viewpoints so that you can understand it better. Let’s say one of your sales goals for the month is to set 40 phone appointments. You can slice this goal up into different categories of lead generation tactics you might use to achieve this goal like referrals or precession. How are you going to produce the results?

Track to Run – What is your track to run on? The concept of a track to run on comes from Ben Feldman, who was the world’s greatest life insurance sales representative during his era, selling what was then a record $1.8 billion in policies. Feldman saw these income targets as goals he was running towards. In order to run to these goals, he needed something to run on, a path or strategy defining how he would reach his goals. This is where he got the term “track to run on”.

Module 5 – Goal Setting Mindsets 

Think BIG! When you think big, it can shift your thinking to come up with a better plan. Another mindset is setting safe goals. This is where you set goals where you already to know you’re going to accomplish it. Success has more to do with goal choices than abilities. The purpose of a goal is to stretch you. 

Module 6 – Setting Health and Financial Goals 

When it comes to your health goals, one way powerful way to think about is to set the goal at least a year in advance. Do you have a written lifetime net worth goal? By having this goal, it will require you to have a written plan and to take action.


Time to take action and implement what you have learn to set your goals and to achieve them. 

What you'll learn
  1. Learn the 10 step goal setting process.
  2. Create a goal setting mindset.
  3. Learn the skills needed to achieve your goals.