Sales Mastery: Lead Generation

Last updated 5/2022 English

Generating new leads is the lifeblood of any business.  

In this course, Eric Lofholm will share his best lead generation ideas that helped him build his database from zero leads to over 50,000!  

First, Eric will cover lead generation best practices to generate hundreds or even thousands of additional leads. Next, you will learn the mindset of a superstar lead generator. Then Eric will share his #1 lead generation strategy that has generated more than 1,000 leads for him. Eric also talks about the importance of keeping your leads organized. In total, you will learn numerous tried and true lead generation ideas. Once you have completed this course you will be able to immediately implement the ideas to start generating more leads!

In this course, you will become a Lead Generation Master. 

Skyhook – The business Skyhook based on NBA basketball ball player, Kareem Abdul Jabar. He scored the most points in NBA history based on his primary move – the skyhook. Find your Skyhook to generate leads. 

Stage Selling – The purpose of generating a lead is to generate a lead. Stage selling is to sell the prospect to the next stage. There are 3 ways to increase your leads – Inner Game, Outer Game and Action.

Referrals – Referrals are great way to generate leads at ZERO cost and are better quality leads! Create a referral system where you can do the same thing over repeatedly to get new leads. 

Best Practices – Find the best practices in your industry and other industries for best practices for referrals. Find the top producer in your company/industry and model their system on referrals to produce the same results.

Person of Influence – The P.O.I Strategy is Eric’s #1 Lead Strategy. Find someone in your target market to be your Person of Influence to send referrals your way. Who is that person that has your customers? Think like Starbucks! They are in grocery stores and hotels because their customers are there. 

Reciprocal Referral Relationships – Think about someone who has your target market and set up a relationship with them. They refer you and you refer them. Set up many relationships like this. 

Lead Magnet – A lead magnet is a powerful and simple strategy to generate leads. Offer something for free in exchange for contact information. 

Webinar – Hosting or being a guest on a webinar is a great best practice to generate leads. Webinars are great lead magnets. You can get up to 40 new people added to your database by having them opt in for the webinar. 

Follow Your Money – Make a list of everyone you pay money to and prospect them. This may or may not work in your industry. You can also prospect people who prospect you, another way to generate leads. This is called reverse prospecting. 

Text/Emails – Your cell phone is a great way to do business. Look through old texts and emails to look for any great leads that you had in the past and reach out to them today!

Lead Store – Where you do you keep your leads? You need a least one system to keep your leads organized. One of the best practices to organize your lead is a CRM or it can be as simple as a recipe box. If you do not have one, take action now to organize your leads. 

House List – Your house list is your existing database. This is where your best leads are! These leads already know who you are. Sending an email 2x a month to your house list is great way to reach out to your leads to keep them updated. 

Speaking to Groups – Public speaking is a great way to generate leads. It maybe out of your comfort zone. You can speak on webinars, podcasts, or your own events.

Contact Information – This idea is simple! Just ask for their contact information! Everyone has a business card, why else do they make them? 

Conclusion – Take action now to generate new leads!

What you'll learn
  1. Lead generation best practices to generate hundreds or even thousands of additional leads.
  2. The mindset of a superstar lead generator.
  3. My #1 lead generation strategy that has generated more than 1,000 leads for me.