Sales Mastery: Objection Handling

Last updated 5/2022 English

Objection handling is a critical skillset to learn to help maximize your sales results and your closing ratio.  

Eric Lofholm has been successfully handling objections to close sales for over 25 years. In this course, Eric shares his best objection handling ideas and strategies.

By watching this course you will learn specific ideas that you can immediately use in your very next sales presentation to effectively handle the common objections you get. Eric covers the techniques including specific scripts to use to address the common objections.  He also covers the mindset of an objection handing master. After watching this course expect to make a lot more sales!

Elevate Objection Handling – They are 3 ways to elevate your objection handling ability - Inner Game, Outer Game and Action. 

Apply Continuous Sales Improvement - This is #1 idea to apply to your objection handling ability. Keep working on your skills for 15 minutes to an hour each week to get better and better!

Record Common Objections – Use your smartphone to record (audio/video) common objections in your industry and responses.  This will allow you to hear common objections and responses in your voice over and over and plant them in your head. 

Reduce the Risk – When you reduce the risk by a little, you will most likely close the sale. 

Offer Flexible Payment Options – Sometimes the amount of money upfront will hold the person back from buying. Offer an irresistible payment option to close the sale. 

Non-Stated Objections – Sometimes the customer’s objection is not the real issue. 

Handle the Objection Before it Comes Up – Address the objection strategically in the body of your presentation before it comes up like telling a story of customer buying from you. 

Be Unreasonable - Sometimes you need to make an unreasonable request to your prospect because what you are proposing is important.

Handle an Objection with a Question – Ask your prospect a question to handle the objection. Is that your only concern? This is the question that you can use in most scenarios.

Handle an Objection with a Story – This is the most powerful way to handle an objection. Tell your story in the body or end of your presentation. Practice your story telling. 

Conclusion – Take action now to become more effective in objection handling! Implement the ideas you’ve learned today!

What you'll learn
  1. Step-by-step instructions on how to get better at objection handling.
  2. 5 techniques on how to handle any objection.
  3. 3 word for word scripts you can say to address the common objections you get.