Sales Mastery: Referrals

Last updated 5/2022 English

Module 1 - Introduction 

The purpose of this course is to teach how to get an extra hundred to a thousand referrals. With those extra referrals, I want you to generate extra additional income from the ideas of this program!

There are 3 ways to elevate your results with referrals – Inner Game, Outer Game and Action. The inner game is your mindset. The outer game is the how to. Action is what you do. My all-time number one idea is Continuous Sales Improvement (CSI), and you want to apply it to referrals. CSI is a lifelong commitment to working on your sales skills for 15 minutes to an hour a week and today we are working on referrals. You can look for referral techniques on YouTube, podcasts, books and from other experts in your industries. Model other techniques to elevate your results. 

Module 2 – Referral Mindset

Mindsets are not fixed. They are flexible. It is not about where your skillsets are now. It is about where you can go and what you can become. You can become great at referrals. You even become a referral master if you are committed to get that good. What is your referral story? 

Module 3 – Why People Give You Referrals? 

There are 4 reasons why people give referrals.

  1. They want to help you.
  2. They want to help the person they are referring to you.
  3. Because you asked
  4. They are being incentivized

Module 4 - Referral Ideas

Part 1 - The first idea is to set referral goals. Set a goal for the month or for the year. My favorite goal setting formula is G.S.A – Goal, Strategy, Action. First, set a goal of how many referrals and write it down. Then write down your plan on how you will achieve those new referrals, this is your strategy. Then take action on your written action plan.

The next idea is the financial value of a referral when you make one sale. You get a referral and close the sale. How much is that referral worth to you? Think about that value from that one-time sale. You can also think about the lifetime value from the referral.  Referrals equal money. Referrals have a financial value!

Part 2 – The next idea is referral language. What is your self-talk about referrals? Do you say,” I’m not good at asking for referrals” or “I am good at asking for referrals”. Change begins in language. Have empowering language when it comes to referrals. Change your language, change your results.

Module 5 – The 3-Way Introduction 

I want you to watch this module 14 times! The 3-way introduction is like having the key to open the vault to get the gold. Instead of cold-calling, when you come in on a 3-way introduction that’s a referral, it massively increases the likelihood of taking your call, booking an appointment with you and buy from you. This 3-way introduction can be done on a group text, email or direct messages on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.  This is the key that can open the vault for you to get to the gold! 

Module 6 – Referral Techniques

Part 1 - One of the greatest things that you can do is to develop a system to ask for referrals from your existing clients or customers. A system is something that can be repeated. A good system can consistently produce referrals for you. Find a system that someone in your company or in your industry and model. Find a system that works for you to get referrals. In this video, I share a referral system I modeled when I worked for Tony Robbins that generated new referrals.

Part 2 – The next idea is to leverage networks versus selling one to one. Think about traditional sales, you get a lead, you deliver the sales presentation and make a sale or not. Leveraging networks is different. Instead of thinking of selling to somebody, think about them in terms of their network. Who has your customer? Build a relationship with them and influence them to refer you to their network. 

Build a R.R.R - reciprocal, referral relationship. To do this find someone who has your customer and motivate them to endorse you and refer you to their network and you do the same for them. Imagine doing this with 10 different people and referrals are just coming in. Set a goal of how many of these relationships you want to create and then create a plan and take action until these relationships are formed.

Module 7 – Create a Referral

If you want to get referrals, be a referral giver and do a great job so people want to refer you. In this video, I share a story of how I created a referral to land my dream job as a trainer with Tony Robbins. Anytime you want to get to someone to prospect them, think how you can get your foot through the door. Find a way to create a referral. 

Conclusion – Congratulations for completing the course! Now take action and implement the ideas you learned to generate more referrals. You are a referral master!

What you'll learn
  1. 5 of Eric's top referral generating ideas.
  2. Eric's #1 strategy to generate more leads by leveraging networks.
  3. How Eric used a referral strategy to land his dream job.