Sales Mastery: Sales Scripting

Master the art of B2B sales to include prospecting, lead generation, scripting, and closing from a Master Sales Trainer

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In this course, you will learn how to predictably increase your results with sales scripting.

Preparation for a sales presentation is essential to repeatably achieve your desired outcomes. You may wonder why you would ever want to create a script. A script is simply a coherent string of words that make logical sense. We use scripts every day.

Here, Eric teaches you the why and how about carefully crafting and practicing your sales scripts. It is a learned skill and will help you achieve greater close rates. Once learned, it will be a tool you can utilize for the rest of your life.

Module 1 – Introduction

In this course, you will learn how to increase your results with sales scripting. Sales scripting is the most profitable idea! Sales scripting is about preparing your presentation in advance and is a learned skill. 

Module 2 – My Story

I was introduced to scripting from my mentor, Dr.Donald Moine when I was a bottom producer and about to get fired from my job. I had no idea what to say in my sales presentations. After I learned how to use sales scripts, I made my quota and was not fired from my job. I learned that selling is a learned skill.

Module 3 – Embracing Sales 

In my 20 years in sales, I have learned many people have a resistance to selling. It is because people look at sales in a negative way. You need to change your mindset about sales. Auto suggestion is a technique to help you embrace sales. This is where you say something to yourself over and over and over again. “Selling equals service”.

Module 4 –Embracing Sales Scripting

What do you think of when you think of a script? Most will have a negative answer like rehearsed, mechanical, or it is not for me. A script is words in sequence that have meaning. If you are talking and making sense, you are using a script based on the definition. How effective are your scripts? You are likely delivering a repetitive presentation. So, if would make sense to take a step back and prepare in advance of what you are going to say to deliver a well-prepared powerful presentation. 

Module 5 – The 7-Step Writing Formula 

I’ve created a formula on how to write an effective script and broke it down in 7 steps.

  1. Pick a script to write
  2. 5 laundry lists
  3. Identify your sales model
  4. Create the outline
  5. Write the script section by section
  6. Persuasion Engineer
  7. Revise, Improve, and Update

Module 6 – The 5 Laundry Lists

We need a list of key things that need to be covered when writing your scripts. The 5 laundry lists are below. 

  1. Stories
  2. Probing Questions
  3. Offer/Close
  4. Objections
  5. Benefits

Stories – Keep a list of success stories to share in your scripts. If you do not have many, share your own story. 

The Laundry Lists – Part 2

Probing Questions - Write down probing questions to identify customer needs. Most salespeople have not done this before. It makes sense to think about questions to ask to identify your customers’ needs. 

Offer/Close - For the offer and close, think of all the key things like price, what’s included payment options and any bonuses and anything important. From this list, you will know how to write your close. 

Objections – Most of the time, we already know what they are going to say. Make a list of their objections and how you will answer.

Benefits – Make a list of benefits both tangible and intangible. 

Module 7 – Sales Scripting Techniques Part 1

There are many different things you can do to make your script more persuasive. 

Baseline script – This is what you currently say whether you write it down or not. Record yourself and transcribe it. Look at it to see if you need to make any edits to improve your baseline script. 

Reverse Engineer – Begin with the end in mind. Think about the result you would like to happen. 

Convincer – This is when someone other than you make the point for you. Find credible people in your industry to make the point for you and insert that in your presentation to make it more persuasive. 

Module 7 – Sales Scripting Techniques Part 2

Success Stories – Share a success story in your presentation. Sharing stories will make your presentation more persuasive. The story script formula is:

  1. What was the problem that the prospect had?
  2. What service/product did the prospect buy?
  3. What is the result it produced?

Connect the Known to the Unknown - Part of selling is education. One way to educate someone is to connect something they know to something they don’t know. 

Module 8 – Scripting Best Practices

One of the best things to do is record yourself and transcribe the file. This is a simple way to have what you currently say in writing. 

Go on live sales call and see how others sell. You can learn different techniques to insert in your own presentation. 

Apply Continuous Sales Improvement on Sales Scripting – This means to work on your skills for 15 minutes per week. You learn by doing. 

Set a Goal – Create a goal and a deadline and a written plan to get a script done.

Who this course is for

New, beginner, and advanced level sales professionals looking to learn new skills to add to their tool belt.


  1. I love the mentality of how you can focus your mindset to make it much easier to prospect clients! ~ Aaron L
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  8. The content is excellent. It gives me an overview of Business Development and Sales. As a result, I feel inspired and have a clear picture of this role and what to do to achieve success in my career. I feel delighted and looking forward to coming back to continue the next section ~ Allen E

What you'll learn

  1. The 7 Step script writing formula.
  2. Learn the 5 things you must cover when writing your scripts.
  3. Learn our 3 powerful script writing techniques to be more persuasive.


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