Sales Mastery: Trust and Rapport

Last updated 5/2022 English

It has been said that people buy from people they know, like and trust. That is a universally true statement. At the beginning of a sales presentation, it is important to create rapport with the prospective client if you want to break down any existing barriers, and build that trust.

In this tip-rich course, Eric teaches you numerous ways to accelerate the building of rapport. And, once that rapport is built, you will know how to leverage it to create the critical element of trust.  

Building trust and rapport with your prospect early in your presentation will help facilitate an atmosphere where the prospect will be considerably more receptive to your offerings. You may even notice their body language relax!

Module 1 – Today you will learn techniques that you can immediately implement to increase your closing ratio. Trust and Rapport is the cornerstone of the sales process. Prospects will come into the presentation with resistance. How do you lower one’s resistance? By applying the principles of trust and rapport. Trust and Rapport is a “state of harmony, a oneness, between you and the prospect”. Go into a sales presentation with the mindset of building trust and rapport.

Module 2 – Elevate Your Results

There are 3 ways to elevate your results when it comes to the area of Trust and Rapport. The Inner Game, Outer Game and Action. The inner game is your mindset. The outer game is the how to and actions is the work. 

Module 3 - Mindset

You go into the presentation with the mindset of building trust and rapport. Mirror and match your prospect. One of the best ways to build trust and rapport is to get your prospect to talk about their favorite subject which is themselves. Ask them questions about them. Enter their world to build trust and rapport.

Module 4 – Find Common Ground 

Finding common ground with a prospect provides a pathway of communication, which leads to trust. It is the power of trust and rapport. Look for connection points between you and prospect. Sincere flattery is a technique to connect with your prospect. For example, compliment them on their outfit or make a comment on their social media. 

Module 5 – Stay Present

Be present and extremely attentive to your prospect. It’s so easy to get distracted with little things like your cell phone. When you’re present with your prospect, you're focused and engaged and it will make you more persuasive. 

Module 6 – Rapport Mindsets

  1. Rapport is the cornerstone of the sales process.
  2. People buy from people they like and trust.
  3. On a conscious level we notice differences.
  4. On a subconscious level we notice similarities.
  5. A buyer is a buyer is a buyer
  6. “Funny equals money” – Add humor
  7. People need to be heard

Module 7 – Rapport Building Techniques

  1. Mirror and match mood and emotion
  2. Appearance 
  3. Show the prospect how you have a solution to their problem
  4. Do something nice for them
  5. Treat others the way they would like to be treated
  6. Listen
  7. Care about your client more than your commission

Module 8 – The Speed of Trust

How does trust get created? The formula is to make an agreement with someone and follow through. When you do what you say you will do, the trust goes up. Be your word, be honest and treat others how you would like to be treated to create rapport. 

Conclusion – You have learned proven rapport techniques to connect with prospects. Watch this course seven times to put these ideas in your unconscious mind.