Screenwriting for Beginners - The Ultimate Online Course

Learn to write your first AWESOME SCRIPT quickly and easily!

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Learn to write your first AWESOME SCRIPT quickly and easily in this screenwriting course for beginners!

This course with a simple step-by-step approach will help you get the right skills to write your first script. It includes lessons for feature-length screenwriting and even a lesson that will let you know how to apply everything to your first short film too. Lessons are made in an easy to understand manner and you'll learn all the basics they teach at film schools.

You will learn how to find ideas, write a pitch page, how to structure your story, develop characters, write the script, how to use screenwriting software and how to battle creative blocks. I've also added document examples for you to see how each document and script looks like.

Because the theory is nothing without practice, there are special assignments for you to test out everything you'll learn. Practice makes perfect and you'll soon be able to write a script ready to be filmed.

I am updating and adding new videos regularly and you can also suggest to me what you’d like to learn and can create a specific lesson from your request.

Join other students and advance your screenwriting skills now! You got this!

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Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who wants to learn screenwriting to get the screenplay in their head on the page.
  2. Beginner Screenwriters.
  3. Filmmaking students.
  4. Filmmakers that want to learn or understand screenwriting.
  5. Writers who want to turn their books in to Screenplays.



"Hi Ire, I am writing you this email to thank you for this useful course. I was a beginner in video making and scriptwriting. With your course which explained in detail but at the same time, I could also understand everything without any difficulties, you helped me move on from a beginner level. The whole course leads you with the most basic things then the knowledge spreads in all aspects. But it's really enjoyable, especially the movie lists. You are introduced to all genres and how they are used in famous movies. Then you have to eventually write your own as well. As the course continues you are pumped with the concentrated knowledge that the director, Irenej himself gained over the years... Man! This is your time-saving weapon if you want to know everything fast! Everything is organised and put in detail just for you! Last but not least, regardless if you are a rookie of video making or a person who just wants to know this field, I guarantee you this course is your top choice and what's even better is that an experienced movie director and screenwriter, Irenej is always in line with you to tackle your problems.”~ Li Wei-Zhe, Taiwan


"It was a great introduction to the filmmaking world for a total beginner. Definitely very useful knowledge, which was taught in a fine, clear and comprehensive way. Irenej is such a pure soul and always teaches with his passion and is prepared to give any additional information, advice and empower me to go further..." ~ Ms. Ines, Slovenia


"To someone who works in the intersection of museums and heritage, experience design and Virtual Reality (VR), this course has given me an opportunity to learn more about the approach to storytelling from the film industry. I believe innovation comes from interdisciplinary collaboration and from merging knowledge and skills from both mature and emerging disciplines." ~ Dr. Kaja Antlej, Australia

What you'll learn

  1. Basics about Screenwriting.
  2. How to find ideas for your film.
  3. How to write a Screenplay.
  4. How to prepare documents for producers, investors & collaborators.
  5. How to use screenwriting software.
  6. How to write a Short Film.


You only need something for writing, a computer is preferred, but you can do your work with a tablet, smartphone, notebook or a bunch of papers.

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