Selling Your Photos Online: Create Passive Income

Make your photography gear pay for itself! Passive income with stock agencies: build a photo portfolio that sells.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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You love photography.

You share your photos with friends and they like it, but you want more.

Your photos deserve better than to collect dust on your hard drive!

Stop throwing money at your photography hobby, let it throw some back!

Learn how to make your expensive camera pay for itself, learn how to license your photos online.

There is many ways to earn money with your photography, but most of them include either boss or clients to deal with, or website to maintain and promote. Online licensing with agencies is different - you upload your photos and agencies do all the rest for you. 

Depending on your dedication, this can be fun little set-it-and-forget-it project to support your hobby, or it can be a full-time adventure that pays for all your bills. 

The course is packed with actionable steps and activities - make sure you follow along and participate in the activities!

Forget the money for a second, though: imagine holding a book with your photo on cover, imagine your friends texting you "just saw one of your photos in a magazine I'm reading!". The satisfaction is priceless.

Join this course and learn all I had to trial-and-error myself over seven years. Learn what CUQQ - the four pillars of success - stand for. Learn how to optimize your workflow to get the results with minimal effort.

I'll see you in the course!

And when I say "see you", I mean it - this is not one of those courses where a guy reads his PowerPoint slides to you. You'll see me demonstrating concepts and talking to you in each single video.

Who this course is for

  1. Photographers who want to create side passive income with their photos
  2. Digital nomads looking to monetize their photos
  3. Anyone, who wants their photos to be recognized and published worldwide
  4. Aspiring stock photographers who don't want to waste time with trial-and-error
  5. This course is for you, if you want to learn how to sell photos online
  6. If you're new to photography and struggle with basic camera settings, you'll probably benefit from taking this course later in your photographic journey


  1. I really liked this instructor's courses. He is soo to the point rather than mumbling and time wasting introductions. Highly recommend this course for anyone starting photography for stock images ~ Emran H
  2. So far the training is definitely keeping me engaged and I am really enjoying learning more on this subject from the instructor ~ Rebecca P
  3. Excellent, thank you for an enjoyable course. I have learnt much more than expected. I like the pace and the delivery style of the instructor ~ Sol
  4. I love this course! I would give it 10 stars if I could. Now this is the first course that I have taken, and so I can't compare this one to others. But I have taken a few other courses elsewhere. Many other courses say they will show you how to do things step-by-step, but in my opinion don't really. This one did. It was very basic. Without treating his students like idiots, his teaching is very basic. I really like that. He also deals with the human part of licensing your photos online. He talks about things such as dealing with your photos being rejected. And also about not getting discouraged when you are first starting out. That's not always dealt with in courses you can buy. It also doesn't hurt that the instructor is very nice...and not only answers all our questions, but encourages us to ask questions. I really think this course is great. Of course no one course can teach you absolutely everything you need to know about any subject, no matter what it is. But in my opinion this one is more complete than most ~ C Bastone
  5. MICHAL DURINK TUTORIAL ..has offered me a substantial amount of knowledge, coupled with tools and important resources, which will not only make my life easier but more importantly will save me a lot of my time. I have been a photographer for many years now and always been a bit “ shy “ about putting my tens of thousands of photographs I own, but this course gave me the confidence to finally approached the process to deal with STOCK photography. I want, first, to congratulate Michal for sharing his advices , even if is getting paid for it – I don’t work for free either, and secondly to recommend this course to anybody that is looking into the process to upload your pictures into the world of STOCK photography. I highly recommend this course , especially for “ newbies “ like me ~ R Fernandez
  6. Thank you Michal. You are very knowledgeable and have been very thorough with this topic. I dabbled with stock photography in the past and did not do very well with it but this course has given me confidence and knowhow to try again. I have learnt quite a bit and appreciate you sharing your valuable knowledge with us. See you on Shutterstock :) ~ Norma M
  7. The course is very practial, the instructor explains with details and always responds quickly to my questions. I keep returning to hear some things I might need to clear up or I have missed so it is great help to newbies in stock photography ~ N Tonkova
  8. This is something I didn't learn at school! I've taken Basic and Advance Photography lessons, yet this topic was never discussed and must be self discovered. Michal just simplified it with his real experience and accounts ~ Regina A
  9. I found this course useful for the assistance in uploading the photos and starting the various contributor accounts. In particular the help with the tagging of the photos was excellent. With the assistance of this course I managed to get a 9 out of 10 acceptance rate on my initial photo set submitted to Shutter Stock. Thanks for the guidance ~ R Blankenship
  10. A nice course with details about selling photos on online stock photography platforms. Though i was aware of some platforms but this course provided me with lot of minute details to improve the profile. If you are thinking to start selling your images on online platforms then this is a great course to start with ~ D Dongre
  11. This was an excellent and really useful course. I have followed Michael's intructions and now have photos accepted for all the platforms. But an extra bonus was the fact that this course has really made me take a critical look at my photographs and learn how to improve my photography and develop more of an editor's eye. Thanks for the course - really valuable! ~ Barb M

What you'll learn

  1. You'll be ready to build passive income with the photos you already have.
  2. Set up, manage and track your online portfolio.
  3. Apply the Four Pillars of Success to maximize your income.
  4. Learn how to tell profitable photo from waste-of-time photo.
  5. Use efficient tools to save your time and effort while submitting your photos.
  6. Navigate the dos and don'ts of selling photos online.


  1. I assume you have already taken some decent photos.
  2. No marketing, coding or entrepreneurial knowledge needed, this course takes you on a step-by-step journey.
  3. You don't need expensive DSLR camera, quality smartphone photos can earn well too!

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