Short Story Writing: Beginners Course

From Idea to Published Story

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Stephen King, Charles Bukowski, Ray Bradbury, and Kurt Vonnegut all have one thing in common: they started their careers writing short stories. And with them a whole lot of your favorite writers.

Why should you start writing short stories and follow this course?

  1. Perhaps a novel is still too daunting and you want to test the waters of fiction
  2. You want to become a skilled fiction writer and publish books
  3. You have no idea where to begin with writing a short story
  4. You want to convey your ideas in fiction
  5. You want to hone your writing skills
  6. You want to find your writing voice
  7. You want to learn how to publish and market a story in 2021
  8. You want to start publishing and find literary representation through short stories

Writing short stories has taught me so much. I started out with one story and have been published on many outlets, improved my writing, found my voice and tested other waters like podcasting, publishing books, writing a novel and writing about writing and creativity.

This course is based on my personal experience. But also on the many articles and books I read and courses I followed.

Who this course is for

  1. Beginning Short Story Writers
  2. Beginning Writers
  3. Beginning Fiction Writers
  4. Intermediate Short Story Writers


  1. The course was excellent. As a beginner short story writer I found it was filled with on-point materials and tips that every beginner writer ought to know. What I found I liked best about the course, was the genuine personal experience the instructor supplied, that gave much insight. Thank you for a wonderful course! ~ S G
  2. The instructor was very detailed and answered any past questions, I had. It was easy to follow along ~ Ronnie M
  3. Some useful, honest information. Excellent quotations throughout. Instructor cares deeply about the content and does his best to share helpful information and personal experiences ~ D Monzingo
  4. This course is perfect for those who are wondering how to begin their writing journey. It’s got great insights to get you started along with some self publishing tools. Do check it out ~ Sujona C
  5. It is beneficial and up to now I have learned a lot. I have hidden techniques of good writing. Thank you ~ M Ouhassi
  6. I enjoyed the course. I went all the way through and now am ready to write. I have a couple of ideas but will start with one and finish a first draft ~ Lonnie H
  7. I have already have a self-published book, and wanted to improve my writing skills. The next project I am working is - collection of short stories, hence I picked up this course. As you listen to Nick, you realise these modules are so helpful and informative. Nick gave his own personal experiences - be it about the writing technique, schedule, publishing, tools to use, these were so relatable and eye-opening. Every aspect of a short story from plot to character to dialogues to a structure has been explained well. This course gave me a lot of food for thought and retrospection. Thank you Nick and wish you all the success. I would definitely recommend this course to others and follow you on some of the platforms ~ B Tewari
  8. I thought the course was very well thought out and easy to digest. It felt like I was meeting an old friend for coffee and asking him to walk me through the lessons he learned on his way to getting his work published. The different modules were short and to the point which I really appreciated. As a working mom of three kids under 12, I do not have time for lengthy discussions on topics that can be summarized quickly. Nick provided a great deal information and this course is a great springboard to start one's path to getting stories out there. I especially enjoyed reading some of the books and watching the you tube videos he recommended. Overall, the course was well thought out and very enjoyable ~ S Cosgrove
  9. I have really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of things that I either didn't know or had forgotten. I also like the pacing and the style of the tutor ~ Wanjira G
  10. I am a beginner to writing. I am working on my first short story book so this course came in very useful. The course takes you in a logical way through the information step by step. It is explained clearly and worth the money. I would recommend it ~ D Beaufort
  11. This is, by far, the best course on writing short stories. Nick takes your hand and guides you through the whole process of getting a short story done. From the thought in your mind and the feeling of daring, till the satisfaction of the finished product. He even lets you take part in his community of authors where you can share your work and keep improving. We are talking not only of a man who knows his craft but also who loves what he does. Regarding the course: Both in form and substance is flawless. Clear, concise, no-nonsense. As a satisfied customer and proud member of his community, all I have to say is that I not only tweaked what I already knew, but I also picked on things I never knew existed. So, if you are willing to walk the walk, here is the best place to start ~ M Abbate
  12. I already have one book of short stories under my belt but I still learned some nuggets with this course. For me, the most valuable parts were Nick's own personal experiences - how his routine works, what kind of marketing and publishing worked for him, and his favourite writing classes and references. It was a solid review of the basic concepts and recommended to beginner/intermediate writers ~ Lynn J
  13. The teacher is confident and knowledgable. The basics or writing were all covered in the course and a student will not leave ignorant ~ Somto

What you'll learn

  1. Plotting
  2. Structuring a story
  3. Character building
  4. Writing dialogue
  5. We’ll also cover other aspects of the writing process:
  6. How you can come up with ideas
  7. How to find your voice
  8. How to develop a writing habit
  9. How to publish and market your stories in the current age
  10. In this course I will teach you to write a short story from start to finish. Let’s begin!


No requirements necessary.

Course Content

16 Sections 57 Lectures 2h 15m total length

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