Social Skills for Executive Presence

The principles and practice of being a more powerful, memorable, respected and articulate communicator

Last updated 6/2023 English

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Have you ever wished you had more executive presence? That you were more respected, your words would have more weight, and others would recognize you with more image and authority?

I've been a coach for executives for more than 5 years. I've helped them create more impact and establish executive presence focusing on specific individual flaws, from not drawing personal boundaries, to improving their image and authority, and others.

What I bring to you in this course are seven simple videos covering the key principles of building effective executive presence. You'll know more about the role of image and authority, transparency, personal boundaries, charisma, vision, and many others.

Who this course is for

Anybody looking to improve their social skills.


  1. The course is very beneficial too me because it has the solutions for do or don't therefore it help me to communicate with the people, & what should be the best way to do the things ~ Tarun B
  2. Good advice and suggestions in the course. Multiple ways to become a better communicator ~ Maria B
  3. For me personally, the course hit on everything I was looking for; concepts that I can practice and work on, ways of thinking about things that I hadn't considered. Will you walk away from the class ready to join the C Suite? Probably not, but you will likely have a good idea on some things you can can perfect with your own presence ~ Aaron W
  4. Interesting skills and different applications ~ D Farrell
  5. Good structure and delivery, very professional ~ D Shabazz
  6. Good skills, and does it exactly what the course title proposes ~ Asif H
  7. Comprehensive and with multiple angles. Like it ~ Asma B
  8. I like the concepts and how they relate to each other. Will focus on them ~ Jayden
  9. Interesting techniques that touch on some points I know I am missing ~ S Patchen

What you'll learn

  1. How to connect with people with different personalities under different circumstances
  2. How to become aware and optimize your emotional reactions to issues
  3. How to build empathy and connect with different types of people


Have a basic knowledge of social skills.

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