Street Sketching: Tricks, Hints & Line Language

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Last updated 5/2023 English

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When you start to draw by yourself, sometimes a kind of embarrassment appears that can prevent you even from doing the first lines. The essence of it is a short question: what to start with? how to start?

I'll give you some hints about the consequence of the steps in working on a sketch. I’ll tell you about some rules of measurement, composition and schematics. Another important thing, I will teach you how to choose the correct viewpoint to the landscape you will be drawing. All in all, I’ll explain you some rules and I'll show you in practice how to build a nice two-dimensional image from a three-dimensional real landscape.

Who this course is for

  1. This course is intended for beginners in sketching.
  2. But, if you have some drawing experience, you can find some of my tips useful too.


  1. Good course, with some very useful techniques. It has definitely helped to up my drawing game! ~ M Almeida Duke
  2. I think Evgeiny is a good teacher and you will learn all you need to begin with landscape sketching, lot of tricks and hints. After that you could go outside and practice ~ A Gallardo
  3. Very good course for an absolute beginner like me! ~ Massimo

What you'll learn

After this class you'll be able to sketch city landscape on your own with clear understanding how to start and how to come to the result you want to achieve.


  1. This class is for beginners in drawing. 
  2. For sketching, we need only sketchbook, graphite pencil and eraser.
  3. Also, we need a measuring tool consisting of a grid on the transparent base. This tool on the transparent base we are going to make by ourselves and how to make it I'll tell you in the first video.
  4. To practice sketching you can use real city landscape in front of you or a big photo or computer screen. If you use photo or computer screen, please put it in upright position and keep some distance from it to make process similar to sketching on location.

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