Success Secrets of a Freelance Writer

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Independent Author - Begin You Own New Career Within Days!

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Learn the Success Secrets of a Professional Freelance Writer

Over twenty fascinating sections, almost one-hundred 'talking head' lectures, and many information packed downloads, including hot market listings, you will discover how to thrive in the freelance writing industry. 

Learn everything you need to know about magazine article and travel writing, ghost writing, genre fiction writing, nonfiction book writing, children's book writing, to effective copy writing, and much more - like how to promote yourself effectively, how to track your burgeoning income, and how to easily self-publish for profit. 

Get crucial tips and proven tactics, from your lively and infectious host, for quickly setting up your own "home business" based on a career being creative and helpful with words. 

This unique course presents a step-by-step, motivational program for personal writing success, whatever your level of expertise. 

All you need is your enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and you could begin a new life of independence and freedom within days of taking this fun and insightful study aid. 

Who this course is for

  1. If you're new to writing and you're not sure which way to go - fiction, non fiction or toward shorter works, this course is for you.
  2. Discover your potential on a journey of discovery into the glamorous world of freelance writing. 
  3. Be fully prepared to "GO PRO" if that's what you want!


  1. Yes, it was a great course. I felt compelled to listen to your thoughts ~ Cindy E
  2. Great Course! Choc full of good information. Great place to start if you are into writing. Rob Parnel is the Guru of Writing ~ Wesley G
  3. Rob is extending a helping hand and giving his students a shortcut to success. I like his style, his way of communicating, his friendly attitude. Nothing goes over my head, he's down to earth and enormously practical in his teaching ~ Maggie H
  4. This was a great course for me with lots of practical information and inspiration ~ Angelina H

What you'll learn

  1. Gain the skills necessary to thrive in the freelance writing world.
  2. Feel motivated and full of self-belief in a new home based career.
  3. Discover the many areas in which a creative writer may express him or herself for profit. 
  4. Learn the secret self-promotion tactics of a seasoned freelancer quickly.
  5. Find out how professional freelance writers keep financially afloat at all times - whatever the prevailing economic climate!


  1. No technical skills required. No prior knowledge of the subject is needed.
  2. No experience necessary: just a love of words and a willingness to try.

Course Content

19 Sections 95 Lectures 3h 32m total length

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