Switching for Network Engineers

Switching Explained the easy way!

Last updated 3/2023 English

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This is primarily a labs course!

This is where you will gain the understanding needed about switching by creating labs from scratch.

You will also learn the terminology used in a switching environment.

Knowing and understanding switching is one of the most basic things that a Network Engineer needs to know in order to apply it in their current job environment and/or future career.

This course is for those of you that need this crucial understanding.

The course was created in a very easy to understand manner so that students can easily grasp the switching concepts.

This course has many labs for students to practice since labbing is one of the most effective tools for students to learn and retain the information provided.

Remember that "Routing" & "Switching" are at the forefront of all Network Engineer positions.

This "SWITCHING" course is precisely what you need to become proficient in the "SWITCHING" part of this.

At the end of the course, you should be able to be comfortable with switches and be able to apply what you have learned to a real-world environment.

Not to mention that this should prepare you for the switching part of any certification.

This course was made with you in mind and just make sure that you do your part to be able to understand and apply everything in this course in your current and/or future career as a Network Engineer.

Who this course is for

Anyone that wants to learn the in's and out's of Switching.


  1. Laz is Legendary. You tell me. He explains in great depth - history, what it does, why it does not, and why not. You get an instructor that can explain that AND be entertaining and you have LAZ. Thanks, man. Spot me! ~ P Patterson
  2. This course is very good information to know when working with switches. It applies to network engineers when designing LAN networks ~ T Thom-Goulding
  3. So far the course is really good, Lazaro is very knowledge and provides good real life scenarios when it comes to switching. I will update the review once I finish the course, but so far I do highly recommend it to anyone pursuing in a career in Network Engineering ~ J Ortega
  4. It's very informative and helpful in real world use ~ M Fabelico
  5. I enjoyed this course targeted for switching ~ Richard B
  6. Yes so perfect ~ MD Khan

What you'll learn

  1. This course is meant for anyone that needs a deep understanding of SWITCHING
  2. Students will learn: Spine & Leaf topology, Route redistribution, STP, VTP, Routing Ports, SVI, L2 & L3
  3. Student will also learn: Etherchannel, Switchport security, among other concepts in a switching environment
  4. If you want to understand Switching than this is the course for you since we will be covering Layer2 & Layer3 switching, which is extremely important!


Students should have a basic understanding of Networking.

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