The 10 Meta-Patterns of NLP

Last updated 6/2022 English

Welcome to the "10 Meta-Patterns of NLP" online course. 

Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, famously said that "NLP is an attitude, back by a methodology, that leaves behind a trail of techniques". 

These techniques can be applied in a variety of contexts, like business, education, psychotherapy, and interpersonal relations, just to name a few. 

These '10 Meta-Patterns" are patterns for running other patterns. They allow us to apply the technology of NLP to a wide range of applications. 

Who this course is for
  1. NLP Practitioners
  2. People who are interested in Self-Help/Personal Development
  3. Lifelong learners
What you'll learn
  1. Pattern #1: Well-Formed Outcomes
  2. Pattern #2: Pacing
  3. Pattern #3: Calibration to Someone's State
  4. Pattern #4: Checking The Ecology of a Pattern
  5. Pattern #5: Flexibility of Responses
  6. Pattern #6: State Elicitation
  7. Pattern #7: State Induction
  8. Pattern #8: State Interrupt
  9. Pattern #9: Anchoring
  10. Pattern #10: Accessing Positive Intention
  1. No requirements are necessary. 
  2. Just a willingness to learn and apply.