Watercolor For Beginners: Learn Basics & Paint Fun Donuts

Explore different styles you can paint watercolor in and discover your own favorite style!

Last updated 5/2023 English

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If you are starting out with watercolors, not sure how to control water or paints, how to blend colors smoothly, and just want to get a deeper understanding of watercolor techniques, this course is perfect for you!

Beginner artists’ myths about watercolor are busted, most common problems solved, and major techniques explained. The course is built a way that will help you put theoretical knowledge into practice right away. And you get to paint donuts!

Every class has its own independent topic, offers an exercise to train your hand and a small artwork to see how you can apply those skills in the actual painting. Every step of the painting is explained and demonstrated, you can follow me or go ahead and paint donuts by yourself.

This course is for complete beginners who want to start learning watercolor with its foundations and understand how this medium works. To make the education process fun all small painting projects are focused on donuts. So, you can practice new skills or techniques in a simple painting yet discover watercolor features in its full capacity.

I also offer an outline for each painting which you can print or trace directly on your watercolor paper. You don’t even need to worry about a sketch! Just pick a relevant outline for a painting you are working on and trace it. I offered outlines of different donut shapes depending on the class you're watching.


Theory + Practice: every class is devoted to a specific watercolor feature or technique which includes a practical task and a small painting project where you can apply new knowledge right away.

  1. 10 artworks of donuts painted in different techniques or using specific watercolor features
  2. 7 short exercises to master watercolor

Watercolors basics covered:

  1. How to achieve transparency
  2. What is a wash and how to paint in flat, gradated and mixed washes
  3. Wet on wet technique
  4. Glazing technique
  5. Volumes and 3-dimensional art
  6. Understanding Perspective
  7. Exploring illustration

5 downloadable outlines of donuts to print or trace

Materials overview

Class project that includes all skills and knowledge you’ve gained during the course

Who this course is for

  1. Beginners in watercolor who want to understand the differences between major art styles
  2. People who have been trying different styles but have difficulties to establish their signature style

What you'll learn

  1. Main watercolor features
  2. What is transparency + exercise
  3. What washes are and how to paint them. You will practice flat, gradated, and mixed washes
  4. How to create volumes and paint 3-dimensional artworks
  5. How to work in wet on wet technique + mini-project
  6. How to work in glazing technique + mini-project
  7. How to paint objects in perspective
  8. How to paint realistic donuts using multiple techniques


  1. Watercolor paper
  2. Brushes
  3. Watercolor paint (student or professional grade)
  4. Additional Tools: Paper Towels, Eraser, Pencil


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