Write a Compelling Company Overview for Investors

Learn how to captivate with a compelling company overview that excites and motivates investors.

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The Company Overview section of your business plan must excite investors. From the founders’ bios and company history to your business location and business model, it must be clear that you’re poised to succeed.

This learning stream helps you navigate the five essential sections to include in your plan: company profile, team, staffing, business model, and current status—all with examples, as well as solid business mindset tips and how to talk to investors.

The workshop provides a walk-through of the tactical aspects of the learning stream will be walked-through in the workshop step-by-step.

What to Cover in Your Company Overview

Learn why a concise company overview sets you apart from other entrepreneurs, and gives you credibility. Learn what questions your company overview should address, and see examples of how other businesses showcase their assets.

Questions Your Company Overview Must Cover

Let's get started by taking a look at the key questions your company overview must answer. Investors want to know the answers to these key questions.

5 Things Your Company Overview Must Cover

Here is a quick overview of the 5 things every company overview should include.  

Executive Summary vs. Company Overview

Many entrepreneurs get confused between an executive summary and a company overview. They are two different things, and you will need both so we will help you create both. 

What Investors Look For

The main reason you write a Company Overview is for investors, so lets make sure you understand exactly what they are looking for.

Avoid Exaggeration in Your Company Overview

Too many entrepreneurs exaggerate their progress in their company overview. This can create real problems for you and your credibility. We will show you ways of making your company overview incredible without having to exaggerate. 

The Who, What, Where, When and How of Your Company Overview

Execution is hard; investors know this better than anyone. A good company overview not only shows that you can get your business to market, but also lends you credibility. This video provides a detailed investigation of what your company overview should include, from the current status of your operation, the team you have in place to deliver the goods, a staffing plan that supports your long term aspirations, an explanation of your business model, and the current status of your operation — your level of funding, timing, and benchmarks.

Reflex Case Study

Check out this great case study from Reflex. We will walk you through their company overview providing a solid framework for your company overview.

Writing a Great Company Profile

Your company profile is one of the most important parts of your company overview, so let's make certain yours is stellar.  

Company Profile

In addition to showing you exactly how to write a company profile, this video will also review some great samples from other companies. 

The Team 

Building your team is critical to your success, so let's make sure you present them in the best possible light. Investors invest as much in the people as they do a great idea.  

Staffing Strategy

Now let's build your staffing strategy which will lay out all the employees and contractors that you will need to build your company over the next three years. This will include hire dates, positions, and salary.

Business Model

What is your business model? Many entrepreneurs struggle to present a compelling business model, and hence fail to get funding. Let's make sure this does not happen to you!

Current Status

Investors will always ask what the current state of your business is. This video will walk you through the best way to articulate that answer. 

Additional Topics to Include in the Company Overview

Here you will learn a handful of other things you might want to communicate in your company overview. These are not mandatory, but if they strengthen your story you may want to include one or more. 

Common Mistakes

We will help you navigate through some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when putting together their company overview.  

Workshop: Write Your Company Overview

Time to put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard. Take a look inside the worksheet that prepares you to write the company overview section of your business plan. The key to success is taking the time necessary to deeply understand your business and be prepared to run it—use this workshop and worksheet to do just that.

What you'll learn

  1. What should I include (and leave out) of my Company Overview?
  2. How do I represent my management team and staff?
  3. What do I say about my funding stage, business model, and my current status?

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