10 Step Startup & Entrepreneurship Course

A concrete system you can use specifically to be successful as an entrepreneur online.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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You will not believe what you are capable of as an entrepreneur online after you complete the 10 steps in this course!

Building a successful business online is challenging and you can use this course to make it a little easier for you today! After reading every book I could find on entrepreneurship, I still needed to make my own system for growing a business online complete – both motivational and practical steps. I built this course to provide a concrete system you can use specifically to be successful as an entrepreneur online based on what works for me every day.

A year after building this course, I am still practicing all 10 steps as explained in the course and shown below. Where most books on entrepreneurship I read gave general guidelines, this course gives you clear objectives you can aim at to accomplish during your journey as an entrepreneur online. What most people before you have loved is the combination of both motivational  steps and practical steps.

  1. Begin and sustain a vision of what you want to work for that is bigger than you.
  2. Create, update, and build impressive social media accounts.
  3. Buy a custom domain name, find a WordPress theme you love, and maintain a professional looking website.
  4. Define the basics for your business system.
  5. Be a part of conversations about the products or services you offer.
  6. Cultivate positive relationships assuming you know which is most valuable.
  7. Test and improve your business system – an emphasis on steady, consistent growth.
  8. Use Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Online Ads to invest in your future.
  9. Accept the repeated failures you will suffer and aim for even bigger successes.
  10. Love what you do and continue to make plans to grow!

Discover your deep inner power through 3 motivational steps that build a strong foundation for successful entrepreneurship online! Use the practical steps and the skills you already have to focus your entrepreneurial energy on building trust, relationships, and revenue online.

Enjoy an honest course that shares both my successes and failures – you including how I have made over $595,000 as an entrepreneur online, built a company valued at over $3 million dollars, and how I borrowed over $123,000 since I became an entrepreneur online to fund the growth of my business.

Act on your feelings of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH to enrol in this course now!

Get lifetime access to the 10 steps that given me success online!


I didn’t realize that I was just running in circles a lot before, not just online but when it came to any business opportunity. I believe Jerry’s drive to help others is wonderful, and the fact that he shares his story is what really helps me to connect with him, because I feel that I have had a similar story, but the success he has experienced yet. I feel more determined than ever and am finally taking action. I am setting up my own website now (easier than I thought it would be) and investing in advertising, even if only a little to start. There were questions that I had, but after I looked through the other comments people made I feel that my questions have been answered (such as CPC cost issues) There was a lot to take in from this course but Jerry clearly has the heart of a teacher, so when I am ready to take the next step and start communicating – my first clients, I know Jerry will be here for not just me but all the other students of his course as well. A lot of people talk and never do things. I used to be one of those people. Not anymore. Thank you so much Jerry ~ Darren W

What you'll learn

  1. Learn from the lecturer’s real life experience
  2. Learn to love yourself, discover your passion & empower your growth
  3. Get inspirational & practical information
  4. Survive the repeated failures you must endure to be successful
  5. Embrace the love you have for what you do
  6. Build a powerful presence online
  7. Build strong social media profiles
  8. Acquire a custom domain name & your own website

Course Content

10 Sections 44 Lectures 8h 9m total length

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