Like a 300-year-old Greenland shark, Uplyrn believes in having a really long and rewarding relationship with our partners.

Simply join our lecturer referral program today, refer other experts to Uplyrn and earn 25% referral fee.

It Pays to Partner with Uplyrn. No, really.

Send Referral once, earn recurring commissions

Uplyrn Experts pay us monthly or annually, which means we pay you monthly or annually too. Once you refer an expert to us, you earn a recurring referral fee for as long as that expert stays on Uplyrn. That’s like sharing a meme that lives on forever.

25% Referral Fee

Recommend Uplyrn to more experts within your community. As you drive more conversions, you’ll have the opportunity to earn good passive income. Your referred experts will also have the opportunity to transform their expertise into thriving online training and coaching practices on Uplyrn. That way, everyone wins!

2% Revenue Share

For every expert you refer to Uplyrn, we will also share 2% of revenue for all virtual classes and coaching sessions conducted by your referred expert.

And do remember to share your Referral Code when you reach out to them, okay?.

Lecturer Referral Links

Lecturers receive 95% of the revenue when learners purchase their video lectures (not applicable to Subscription Plan), virtual classes and coaching sessions using their unique Referral Code.

This can be an integral part of your promotional strategy.

All lecturers will be given a permanent unique Referral Code. You can use it to share and promote all your paid video courses, virtual classes and coaching sessions. When a learner uses your Referral Code and proceeds to buy your course/class/session, they will enjoy a 20% discount on the course/class/session pricing and you will be credited with the sale, net of discount and transaction/transfer fees payable to Payment Service Providers. That’s pretty awesome, right?

Also… …

Improve your revenue and reach by promoting your course/class/session. When you have published your course/class/session on Uplyrn, spread the word in your social media channels, website, blogs, newsletters, office mug, pet collar etc.

Remember to engage your learners. ‘Cos that expert/learner connection can be super tight.

Afterall, as your own content creator, coach and/or mentor, you will know how your learners benefit from what they learn. And you can best address their problems or challenges.

Once again, do remember to share your Referral Code when you reach out to them. Make it as inevitable as a cat grooming itself after a meal. Or something like that.