Mentors for the Digital Age

They are industry leaders and know what it takes to be successful. They’ve been there, done that and been through what you are going through now.

They’re here to propel you forward. Think of them as mentors for the digital age.

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Relevant Expertise or Knowledge

Your mentor should, more often than not, have some kind of relevant background or have worked in the space you’re interested in for some time. They should also be able to help propel you forward because they’ve been there, seen the landscape, and know what it takes to be successful.

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Enthusiasm for Sharing Their Expertise

The best mentors give advice not because they like to hear themselves talk, but because they genuinely want their mentees to benefit from the hard-won wisdom they’ve learned over the course of their careers.

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Respectful Attitude

Finding a mentor who’s respectful is key. A good mentor knows how to deliver feedback in a way that’s constructive, kind, and direct, and yet doesn’t shy away from being honest.

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Eagerness to Invest in You

Great mentors realize that they’re playing a long game, and as a result are patient in how they guide mentees down their path. They don’t expect immediate gains, and they don’t give up easily.

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Reflective Listening and Empathy

Willing to listen to where you’re coming from, can relate to you from your perspective and steer you in the direction that you want to go.

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Willingness to be a Sponsor

Takes it one step further by being someone who is actively advocating for you, both behind closed doors and publicly.

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