Our Mission

Okay, here’s the ‘serious’ bit. We want to share with you why we’re doing this. In a nutshell, we built Uplyrn because we believe action-based learning is the future of learning. Learners should be active, engaged, and apply the skills they learn. We want our learners to not just engage with content but also interact with their mentors, coaches, and subject-matter experts. This is the most efficient way to create learning that’s self-driven and sticks. It sounds simple. But it’s something that we can’t do alone. We need you on board. Oh yeah.

Let’s build a community

Understanding our community and knowing what really matters to them is important to us. So we hope you can be part of our community, and we can all grow old together. Just kidding. We want to stay young, but just grow together.

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Education is our friend.
With benefits.

The benefits of education are truly endless. We believe that education is a great social leveler. It uplifts those of us in search of a better life. It also helps us attain new jobs; moves us along our chosen careers. Or simply helps us see the world with fresh eyes. Isn’t all that such a turn on?

Let’s make learning rewarding

We want to be able to continually offer learning and development experiences our learners want and can benefit from. We’re all in this together to become better versions of ourselves. You know, a version 2.1. And at the end of the day, we hope you’ll find learning and growing with Uplyrn truly rewarding.

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Give yourself the chance to be amazing.
Learn something new today.

Explore the universe, I mean, our courses.