3 Ways to Find Buyers on Facebook

PRACTICAL tips to Find BUYERS inside any Facebook Group, for FREE.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Are you a Business Owner looking to Promote your Business inside of Facebook Groups, for FREE?

Would you like to know a Way to Get Organic Traffic on Facebook....
without having huge Followers (or Big ad budet)?


Congrats! you're in the right space... 
This Training will give you not one, but 3 ways to do that :)

Welcome to this FREE Training, worth $145
I especially recorded this for members of my Local Facebook Group

But what you'll learn in this Free Training is applicable to ANY Facebook Group.

Look, I know that, as Business Owner You are extremely passionate about your Product/Service and you WANT to FIND BUYERS! But I also know that not all of us have huge marketing budgets. I've been there! I know it hurts.

And that's why this FREE Training is from my heart to yours 💜

I've given some of the BEST information to not only deep dive into your own Marketing Strategies, but also PRACTICAL tips to Find BUYERS inside any Facebook Group, for FREE. 

As a Certified Mastermind Professional & International Coach, I could've easily charged at least $145 for this Training, but I am giving it away for $0…. Only to help YOU! 

So, make the most of it! Deep dive into this training. 
SHARE this FREE Training with others! 

But most importantly, Take action, implement what you'll learn here! 

Wish you the BEST! 


Rupa Patil.

Certified MASTERMIND Professional
Trainer, Coach, Event Planner, Author & Podcast Host
Business Mentor with GOOGLE & SHEROES Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs

What you'll learn

Here are 3 things you'll Learn in this Free Training:

  1. 3 Critical Questions you need to answer before you could promote your Product/Service
  2. Top 3 Strategies to Promote your Business inside Facebook Groups, without spending any money!
  3. How I won my First International Coaching Client, without any budget, through Facebook

Plus, you'll get a LOT of Valuable Bonus Tips inside!


  1. Passion to Learn, Implement and Grow :)
  2. Existing Business that you'd like to promote on Facebook

Course Content

3 Sections 3 Lectures 37m total length

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