Ableton Live for Beginners

Become a Music Producer Today with The Complete Beginners Course!

Last updated 4/2023 English

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This course is a comprehensive guide to Ableton Live.

By the end of this course you will be able to produce, arrange, mix, and master your own music using Ableton Live.

I created this course because of a feeling.

You probably know the feeling. It's the feeling you get when you start something new. It's unexplored territory. It's exciting but frightening. It's promising but humbling. I love that feeling but it can be overwhelming to start something new. That's why I created this course. I want to teach you the essential foundations of music production in Ableton Live so that you can be encouraged and have fun making music.

Using 89 video lectures (that's almost 6 hours of content) I will teach you everything you need to know about Ableton Live. I will walk you through all aspects of the software, carefully explaining each knob, slider, and button.

Whether you've just unboxed the software or you've spent some time with it, I believe your productions will be improved by this thorough and fun course on Ableton Live.

Don't miss out on all the extra resources too including articles that helped me learn, free plugins, my own custom racks and presets, and more.

I learned a lot making this beast and I am confident that you will learn a lot as well! Please consider signing up for the course--we would love to have you join us!

Who this course is for

  1. Beginning & Intermediate Music Producers
  2. Beat Makers & DJs looking to deepen their knowledge of Ableton
  3. Songwriters interested in producing their own music
  4. Users of other DAWs considering switching to Ableton Live


  1. This is a great course, the instructor explains everything in a clear & detailed way, at a pace that was perfect for me he also has a good sense of humor, I highly recommend indeed ~ Andy D
  2. Great program, easy to listen and understand ~ Jay L
  3. I have some basic familiarity with Ableton but wanted to really understand it and use it properly. Dylan has a good manner of teaching and I enjoy the lessons as well as the out-of-scope-for-this-course content on his YouTube channel. I recommend Dylan's course if you want to learn about Ableton ~ Ben S
  4. Very detailed and I love the random memes you added - literally laugh out loud and I swear it helps me remember stuff better having the added humour! ~ Harry F
  5. I like the pace of this course, the easy explanation and the humor ~ Dylan E
  6. Awesome in every aspect. Nothing more to say ~ Greg S
  7. Amazing courses from Dylan. I’m an audio engineering student. Dylan’s course lectures are similar to how my college professors teach. Buy all of his courses, good stuff ~ Leonard W

What you'll learn

  1. Navigating Ableton Live's user interface
  2. Using samples, clips, packs, and instruments
  3. Audio vs. MIDI
  4. Recording, programming, and editing MIDI
  5. Recording and editing audio
  6. MIDI & audio envelope editing
  7. Warp modes & editing marp markers
  8. Audio & MIDI effects
  9. Mixing
  10. Mastering
  11. Gain staging, dynamics processing, and loudness
  12. EQ, compression, stereo imaging, and automation


Ableton Live Software.

Course Content

4 Sections 87 Lectures 5h 45m total length

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