Advanced Network Pentesting: Practical Tutorials

Last updated 5/2022 English

Road to become Network Penetration Tester.

The course is all about the Network Security and Network Pentesting process in practical approach only.

Where you learn:

  1. Network Security and Endpoint Security Solutions.
  2. Practicals on System Hacking, IDS/IPS, Honeypot, Camera hacking and Network scanning.
  3. Practical is based on real scenarios and live systems are taken for lab part.
  4. Course is for Intermediate level who wants to get in-depth knowledge in Network Pentesting and go to Advanced Level.
Who this course is for
  1. Intermediate level students curious to learn more in Network Pentesting
  2. Beginner Students in Ethical Hacking and Network Security
  3. For the Network and Security Engineers
What you'll learn
  1. Student learn the basic to advanced concept of Network Pentesting Tools on Practical approach.
  2. Here you will learn about the System Hacking, Password Cracking, Privilege Escalation, Mobile Hacking, Live Webcam Hacking.
  3. Basic to advance concept of Scanning
  4. Understand the concept of Banner grabbing
  5. System hacking on Windows and Linux platform
  6. Basic to advance concept of Privilege Escalation on practical approach
  1. This course is for the beginner to intermediate level.
  2. Who have knowledge in Ethical Hacking at least at intermediate level, so that a student can learn the Network Pentesting.
  3. For all the IT Industry and Cyber Security Professional.
  4. For all the Security Engineers, Network Engineers, Ethical Hackers and Pentester level of Professional in Cyber Security.