Authenticity and Awakening for Lovable Idiots

Learn all of the skills necessary to keep you at the high end of your happiness spectrum for the rest of your life

Last updated 3/2023 English

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The only thing that correlates strongly with happiness is the quality of our intimate relationships. If we want to have positive, functional, loving, compassionate, supportive relationships then we have to learn how to be authentic. 

This course will give you a unique and fresh reframing of who you are and why you think the stuff that you think. You will learn how your mind was built and what it was primarily designed to do. Then you will learn how to hack the system to make it work more smoothly. 

  1. Learn why you think what you think
  2. Learn how and why you became inauthentic
  3. Learn how to think better thoughts starting today
  4. Learn how to clean up your past in order to show up authentically for the present
  5. Learn how to transcend your fears
  6. Learn how to meditate
  7. Learn how to release resentments
  8. Learn how to overcome self-sabotage
  9. Learn how to forgive everyone including yourself
  10. Learn how to create a life full of positive relationships

Who this course is for

Anyone whose life isn't 100% perfect.


  1. I loved this course! I love the focus on language, assumptions and tweaks/hacks. And I love how it ends with “choice”. Very awe inspiring and empowering! ~ M McQuillan
  2. Ira is such a lovely instructor and compassionate speaker. His lessons truly resonated with me and hope they do for you too! ~ E Maldin
  3. Love this course! Great info, great teacher! Amazing time here! Thanks! ~ A Adakevičiūtė
  4. Mr. Ira Israel, I thank you for your candid and authentic discussion as well as insights in purpose of life. I took this course yesterday and have finished in about 24 hours that itself should speak of connection I made. Pray for your good health and for meeting purpose of life. Namashkar! ~ Abhishek S
  5. Great information, most of it I have learned in my life or intuitively knew from a young age, but it's always good to revisit these concepts ~ A Freebairn
  6. Pleasantly refreshing course. I love Ira’s definition of the “Buddha Consciousness; Taken refuge to become awaken”. It’s exactly how I felt going through these sections. Each section opened me up to a deeper level of myself that, well I thought I knew. His knowledge and wisdom taken from Eastern philosophy to explicate “Authenticity and Awaken” is transcending. Here’s to showing up with a different version of authenticity in the world. Here’s to yes, and...Ira, thank you. Peace and Blessings ~ Ashaa S
  7. Very helpful, entertaining, and thought provoking sessions ~ Sophie W
  8. This class was amazing. As a disabled veteran I am learning the tools to live in the present moment and build my personal relationships. Ira is point-blank honest and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Listening to Ira's story is inspiring and it is clear that he truly practices what he preaches. Thank you Ira ~ G Barrett
  9. Very well spoken, witty, open minded, non judgmental, and everything I've already been studying on my own! Ready to dive deeper, this is too awesome ~ L Kudlacz

What you'll learn

  1. Happiness
  2. Authenticity
  3. Awakening
  4. Authentic Communications
  5. Meditation
  6. Intimacy
  7. Relationships.


No requirements except an open mind.

Course Content

15 Sections 15 Lectures 2h 34m total length

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