Balls of Steel: Explode Your Confidence

10-Day Course to Explode Confidence, Eliminate Fear and Always Stay Calm Under Pressure

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Real quick… Have you ever felt fear or nervous during any of these activities: (Even if it’s just a little)

  1. Confronting someone
  2. Asking a girl out
  3. Approaching beautiful women
  4. Giving a speech in front of a large group
  5. Bungee jumping
  6. Being put on the spot
  7. Playing an extreme sport
  8. Skydiving
  9. Interviewing for a position
  10. Emergency Situations

If you answered yes to any of those activities and you’d like to increase your confidence, keep reading...

Hey man, I’m Matt.

And right now I’m going to show you simple, proven steps that my clients and I personally used to overcome anxiety and replace that with grounded confidence.

And this is beyond techniques like affirmations, visualizing, NLP, Hypnosis, changing your body language, pumping yourself up in front of the mirror or any of the other confidence techniques you’ve already heard about. Those methods do help, but they don’t address the whole situation.

I’m talking about proven ways to hack your body’s nervous system and decrease your overall fear and anxiety. This is a game changer and if you’re a man that wants more confidence, listen up because basically, I’m giving you balls of steel.

You see, our company conducts workshops all over the world helping men to succeed with women and dating and we’ve done live workshops in over 40 countries. We’ve trained hundreds of men and most of those guys had some level of anxiety with women.

So we’ve become experts at helping guys conquer anxiety and surge with confidence - FAST.

We’ve had guys trembling with fear at the thought of approaching a girl, and after a bit of coaching with us, they’re able to confidently approach. That’s because we know what we’re doing.

And this doesn’t only help you become confident with women, it will help you be confident in all aspects of your life…

Look, I dealt with fear and anxiety too. That’s why I’m so passionate about what we teach in this program.

The reason most guys still get affected by nerves and anxiety, is because they don’t know about it yet. So let’s dive into the specifics of how this works...

So what’s the real cause of fear and why is that some guys experience more anxiety while some guys seem naturally confident?

This boggled my mind for so many years. I saw guys that were completely unaffected by fear or anxiety. They could jump out of a plane without hesitation. They could approach the most beautiful girl with surefire confidence. They just oozed confidence without having to do “confidence boosting” exercises. They just seemed to naturally have it.

Here’s why… The part of their brain that controls emotions is stronger.

With a strong mind you can control your emotions, your thoughts, and the feelings in your body.

It’s that simple. They have a better ability to control their mind and body during “high pressure” situations.

We can actually see the difference when we look at brain scan images. People with better mind-body control have smaller amygdalas. This is the part of the brain that releases fear into our nervous system. A smaller amygdala means they are less responsive to fearful situations.

And if you experience more anxiety than you’d like, it’s just because a certain part of your mind is underdeveloped and weaker. (Note: This has nothing to do with your level of intelligence or problem solving skills).

But here’s the good news…

Breakthrough research has proven that certain exercises, strengthen your mind and make you less sensitive to fear and anxiety.

These exercises strengthen your mind to “detach” from the “fight or flight” response. Anxiety and fear doesn’t trigger easily!

You see, there’s a concept of the brain called neuroplasticity. It means that the composition of your brain, evolves over your lifespan, evolving and adapting to certain situations.

That’s why some people experience anxiety all the time. Their daily habits reinforced their need for a larger amygdala and to be “alerted of danger” sooner. But you can train your mind to stay calm as well.

Neuroplasticity is similar to your muscles when you go to the gym. When you work a certain muscle group consistently, those muscles get bigger. When you stop exercising a muscle group, those muscles shrink.

And the news gets even better – once you know what to do, confidence becomes your default behavior! That means you can access confidence and let go of fear much faster than before.

Think about it – if you start out being able to only curl 15 pounds… and you start curling heavier and heavier weights… it’s not going to take long for that 15 pounds to feel like a feather.

That’s how some guys endure the most grueling situations imaginable while hardly flinching…

And it’s how you can confidently approach any girl – no matter how jaw-droppingly gorgeous or “out of your league” she is – without the anxiety that used to absolutely paralyze you!

Now, I don’t want you to think that the techniques I’m talking about involve some special skill that takes years to develop… or that only work for a select few guys who have some special sort of super-confidence to begin with.

In fact, they’re really nothing difficult at all. With even just one of the techniques, you can start smashing fear and anxiety today… and within just a short time, you can have the cool, relaxed confidence you need to master any situation.

You remain in total control!

It sucks when the fear is so strong it’s paralyzing. I personally know how hard it can be to let it go. Don’t worry, fear is just another emotion and just like any other emotion, you can let it go if you know what you’re doing.

Who this course is for

Guys who want to increase their confidence and eliminate their fears.


  1. Great Course, with a lot of step-by-step exercises. Matt did again an amazing job! ~ E De Paoli
  2. Finally, a program that has practical advice for nearly every aspect of your life. The program is fantastic as long as you follow everything! I am excited about taking his other courses ~ Brandon J
  3. The information and exercises provided are relevant and work in the real world. The explanation of what mindfulness in the moment is was the best I've heard ever. Course is useful for approaching people in general. I purchased the course to help with prospecting for my business and it has made all the difference. Being able to approach beautiful women easily and start a conversation is a huge bonus ~ F Garcia
  4. Only up to day 3 so far and I see results. Took control of my breathing and my physical state, now I am alot more calm and easy going in extreme situations. Good stuff ~ N Mcleod
  5. I am in the very early stages of this course, but by following their advice, I feel like I am already seeing results ~ Tyler W

What you'll learn

Here’s our simple 3 Pronged Approach to Let Go of Anxiety and Surge Confidence

Develop Jedi-like Mental Strength to calm the mind and get grounded quickly. (Mind-Body Training)

  1. With a strong mind, you can let go of fear pretty quickly.
  2. Recent scientific studies show that certain mindfulness exercises help control our fear center of the brain (the amygdala).
  3. Have you noticed how Buddhists monks are always so calm and carefree? That’s because they have the mental strength to not let anything faze them.
  4. Dispositional Mindfulness Training was developed by an MIT professor after dissecting the science behind many meditation practices. This strengthens the mind and control over your emotions, fear, and limiting thoughts.
  5. This type of training is quickly becoming the go-to tool for psychologist and doctors to help patients with anxiety, depression, and other stress related illnesses.

Reset your nervous system and reprogram your mind.

  1. We’re tackling fear at the source, not just the fear of one specific activity. We want you to stay grounded no matter what comes your way. Whether it’s a life threatening emergency situation, or you’re approaching the most beautiful girl in the room.
  2. We’ll use a few different exercises to reset your mind and nervous system to feel less anxiety overall. One of these exercises takes two minutes and feels like you’ve been meditating for an hour.

Systematic Desensitization to conquer fear, one step at a time.

  1. This is where we apply your new skills of mind-body control. Systematic desensitization is a type of behavior therapy used in the field of psychology to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders. Basically, we’ll help you face your fears, but in baby steps.
  2. When we combine this with the first two techniques, activities that were once fearful, barely feel out of your comfort zone. We’ll expand your comfort zone, one step at a time.

Everything you need to know has been condensed into this Program:

So, let's recap what we've learned so far:

  1. The fastest way to overcome fear— increase confidence, and develop jedi-like mental strength, is to use certain mental training exercises.
  2. Your sensitivity to fear or anxiety is caused by an overactive amygdala; which has been shown to decrease with certain mind-body exercises.
  3. The problem with most “confidence boosting techniques” or “fear” remedies, is that they only tackle one fear or situation. We’re attacking fear at the source… helping you face any intense situation.
  4. We’ve been applying these techniques for years with students in our Advanced Boot Camps and now you can get them yourself in Balls of Steel.

This training consists of the best techniques from….

  1. Sports psychologists on how they train extreme athletes to stay composed while performing dangerous feats,
  2. Buddhist monks on how they stay in a zenlike state at all times,
  3. Elite Freediving training on controlling the nervous system and slowing down the heart rate,
  4. Advanced meditation practices,
  5. Neurolinguistic Programming,
  6. Clinical research on mind-body awareness training to decrease fear and develop mental toughness
  7. MIT professor and his discoveries for reducing stress in the mind.

Don’t worry, we’ve simplified everything down to the best of the best.

Go it alone, and you will end up confused and frustrated.

We've seen people try and do it on their own without our "users guide" Balls of Steel.

The results are NOT pretty.

“Building mental strength” is not all there is to it. People see how easy it is, and some assume they can just do it by themselves, without the instructions and specifics that come in the Balls of Steel Course.

Well, they end up pretty confused most of the time, still having tons of anxiety. That's because Balls of Steel is highly specific. We also explain everything in detail so you know exactly what to do.

Would you start investing money in the stock market after watching the movie "Wall Street"... and think you knew what you were doing? Of course not. This is no different.

Let us guide you. You’ll save tons of time and frustration.

This is not for everyone.
Balls of Steel Is WRONG For You IF:

  1. You think "simple" means "no action taking". Dream on. You have to actually apply what we show you. Don’t worry, the simple exercises only take a few minutes a day.
  2. You have been diagnosed with a mental condition that requires medical attention.
  3. Or, you are just one of those guys who will buy the program and never open it. Please, don't waste your money if that's the case. However, if that IS the case, just realize your anxiety will never improve if you don’t take action.


This is NOT just another “Confidence Boosting Guide” filled with techniques you’ve already heard about.

We’re giving the absolute best techniques to boost confidence and let go of fear.

Here’s what you get:

  1. A 10 day plan to conquer fear and explode confidence. The simple exercises can be done in less than 30 minutes each day...
  2. 4 Group Coaching calls with one of our mindset coaches where you’ll get more hands on exercises to release whatever is holding you back.
  3. A step-by-step method to overcoming approaching anxiety, as well as social anxiety...
  4. A two minute technique to reset your nervous system and feel like a powerhouse. Do this right before you start your day or right before you go out...
  5. How to strengthen your mental toughness so that you can face any fear or obstacle…
  6. How to reduce the “negative thoughts and excuses” from overriding your mind…
  7. “The Power Switch” A simple 7 second technique to help you let go of fear in the moment
  8. How to stop your emotions from controlling you - this overreacting is hurting your relationships without you even knowing...
  9. The biggest mistake guys make when trying to overcome anxiety and what to do instead…

Plus, you get the Confidence Cheat Sheet

This is everything in the course simplified and accessible for you if you need to reference the material. Use this as you go through the program.

And the Balls of Steel Mental Trainings – MP3

This is a guided mental training regiment that you can use on a daily basis to develop and maintain your peak confidence.

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and will prime you for whatever the day has in store for you.

This audio alone is worth the investment of this program.

Give Us 30 Days And We Can Help You Surge Your Confidence And Let Go Of Fear.

Balls Of Steel


  1. Willing and able to do small action steps each day. Approximately 20 minutes per day for the daily exercises
  2. Must have a winning mindset (positive mentality)

Course Content

1 Section 10 Lectures 3h 19m total length

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