Basic Listening Skills

In this course, Students will be able to improve many skills such as Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.

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Upgrade your English skills all together. 

In this course, Students will be able to improve many skills such as Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.

This course is designed for basic learners and those students who have trouble understanding basic grammar, Vocabularies and Listening.

Do you want to have fun and Learn English? So this is the right course for you.

Listening is a skill which shapes the world around you by paying attention to things and the way you reflect on them.

In my course, you are going to learn crucial information about this skill, and we are going to do several exercises in order to increase your self-awareness. Knowing where you are, is as important as knowing where you are going. Understanding your state of mind and your abilities in the present, will help you achieve what you really want in the near future.

Master English Pronunciation and Listening.

Of course the two most important things when speaking English are:

  1. Being understood by who you are talking to (pronunciation).
  2. Understanding the other person (listening skills).

However, these two areas are often totally ignored by English language teachers and are very difficult skills to master on your own. The result? Students of English are often totally lost when they have a real life conversation with someone who isn't either speaking very clearly or slowing down what they are saying. This means that the students are totally missing out on learning English naturally through real conversations.

Benefits of the course:

  1. You can improve many English skills all together.
  2. Understand the details of what people are saying and not just the general idea.
  3. Improve your pronunciation so others can understand you more easily. Avoid confusion and embarrassing situations.
  4. Enjoy speaking in English more. The better you are understood (pronunciation), and the better you understand others (listening skills), the faster you will learn and the more fun you will have interacting with other English speakers.
  5. You can also download the PDF of stories and Topic introduced in this Course 

What this course is: 

Full of easy to understand explanations. Activity based; learn through actually doing. Every lesson has lots of opportunities for you to practice what you are learning. Designed to take you from 'Basic classroom' usage to real life usage.


For all our paying customers. Just send us a short recording of yourself speaking (it's easy to record on a mobile phone) and we will send you in-depth feedback on where you need to improve your pronunciation.

Who this course is for

  1. Basic or Low-Intermediate English language learners
  2. English Beginners who want to improve their Listening skills
  3. Students wishing to understand 'real' English at full speed (not just classroom English)
  4. Students who want to learn more vocabularies and Grammar
  5. Apply listening techniques to improve listening comprehension

What you'll learn

  1. Using new methods to help students improve their Listening Skills
  2. Understand the new vocabularies and Grammar both in context
  3. Improve your Pronunciation using Listen and Repeat Activities
  4. Grow in confidence as a helpful listener
  5. Master English listening skills and start to naturally learn everyday 'real life' English
  6. You can improve your Listening, Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary all tougher


Basic level of English language skill.

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