Best Games to Play on Facebook

Last updated 5/2022 English

What's the best game to play while streaming on Facebook Gaming? The answer might surprise you! In this course, Jerry explains the importance of testing out new games, monetization, growth strategy, going vertical and wearing costumes. 

How to make partner on Facebook gaming

6 partnered gamers on Facebook share their best advice on how to get a partner invite with! 

The partners included are:

  • The King Slayer @KingSlayerLIVE at
  • StoneMountain64 @StoneMountain64 at
  • ThePoolshark @PoolsharkGaming at
  • Emortal Gaming @EmortalGaming at
  • Era of The Geeks @eraofthegeeks at
  • Darkness429 @Darkness429 at
What you'll learn
  1. Facebook gaming live from beginner to advanced in this course!
  2. How much can we make streaming games on Facebook?
  3. Facebook gaming streamer dashboard!
  4. Level up program basics and FAQ
  5. What game to play?