Build the Ultimate Linux Home Server

Learn and improve your Linux skills through building your own home server.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Learn to use the Linux operating system and build a server in your own home.

Building a home server is an excellent way to learn how to use the Linux operating system. It also allows you to reuse any old laptop or desktop computer you have lying around at home for something everyone in your home can use:

  1. Save files from your laptop, phone, etc to one central location
  2. Download and watch movies from the internet
  3. Upload your photos, view them from your phone and back them up to the cloud

Building your own server will take you behind the scenes on how an operating system really works. Using software which is 100% free, you will learn:

  1. How to install, maintain and secure a working Linux server
  2. What are the differences between the various Linux versions
  3. How to use your server as a personal secure web server and file server, and where to get ideas for other uses for it
  4. Key linux command line skills and how to put them to practical use
  5. How to troubleshoot common problems as they happen

Using skills which are directly relevant to the workplace, you will learn how to monitor, secure and backup your own private server. The downloadable guides also provide a wealth of information for you to take away and study at your own pace.

Who this course is for

Anyone interested in IT and/or Linux.


  1. Love that this exists. This is helping me build a bridge to a new level of linux-admin (while helping me re-purpose an old machine). A student of this course would benefit by having a little bit of existing Linux experience, as some concepts are glossed over (I wouldn't call that a fault of the course: it helps keep the material moving and focused, and there is enough of a Linux crash course included, throughout, to give the student a foundation to jump off of and fill in blanks on their own time). This course is well balanced between getting started quickly, gaining knowledge of the beginning essentials, and doing something fun/useful. I would highly recommend! ~ Gregory H
  2. I have learned a great deal and have reviewed much of my past knowledge/experience ~ Jim W
  3. I have some tech background, but really didn't have any experience with servers. This was an EXCELLENT starter course into that world. It gave me the base I need to get started, know what to look for, and what questions to ask to keep going. I can't recommend this enough for anybody interested in diving into creating their own server ~ Ethan K
  4. It's so detailed and really easy to follow for someone who never create a server before ~ Habakuk S
  5. I learned much more than I expected from 3.5h of videos! Course shown not only how to set up the server but also WHY you want to do that! ~ Paweł B

What you'll learn

  1. How to design, build and administer a Linux home server
  2. How to find, install and run applications that will be useful at home


  1. A physical computer to use as your server
  2. A keen interest in self improvement and learning about computers

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