Call/Contact Center Management: The Essential Guide

What you need to know about Managing a Call/Contact Center

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course is perfect for call/contact center Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and those who aim to be. It will provide the basics on everything from Channel strategy and execution, scheduling, technology and leadership. After this course you will feel more mentally equipped to do your job or the job your striving for.

Who this course is for

First time Team Leads, Supervisors and Managers and those that strive to be.


  1. First the presenter had good presentation skills, he was eloquent and precise. The learning content was great ~ L Esther
  2. Gave more understanding of aspects of my position that I had not understood before ~ Melissa S
  3. This is going to be both my first time in any kind of management position and I know that call center management is slightly different that the grocery industry I worked in for 16 years. This was a great overall look at what things I need to start focusing on learning ~ Wendy C
  4. I think this covered all the Basics for entry level management, This course helped me understand a lot of aspects that I will take with me from here out. Very informative and easy to understand and follow along with. Awesome job! ~ Friday S

What you'll learn

  1. This course is perfect for new Call (contact) Center Team Leads, Supervisors and Managers.
  2. They will learn about Channel strategy and execution, operational excellence, industry technology and developing a technology stack, metrics/KPIs and so much more.


No course requirements.

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