Complete SQLite Tutorial for Beginners

Improve your career by learning to work with SQLite databases

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Last updated 3/2023 English

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Learn the SQL language and work with data using SQLite databases

Every year, SQL appears consistently as one of the most in-demand languages to learn. Knowing how to analyze data is one of the top tech skills companies look for, and it is one of the fastest ways for you to improve your career.

Whether you are a data scientist, business or financial analyst, or a programmer, being able to import data into a database and run advanced queries on it to solve complex problems will put you ahead of the crowd.

In this course you will learn to use SQLite databases, the worlds most popular database system. The commands you will learn are directly relevant to the workplace, and are used across multiple industries where data processing and business reporting is needed.

Using software which is 100% free, you will learn:

- What databases are and how they store information

- How to create new databases and tables

- How to import data into the database

- How to run very precise searches on your data, and pull out just the results you need

- How to run calculations on your data

SQLite works very well with all major programming languages, so in this course you will also learn how Python can be used to query your database. You will learn how to easily begin working with data in your scripts and programs.

All of the commands we cover are included in downloadable guides, making it easy for you to take and read them when writing your own queries.

If you’ve ever felt that you want to know more about databases, SQL or SQLite, then this is the course for you. I look forward to helping you with improving your career!

Who this course is for

Data scientists

Data analysts

Mobile developers

Python programmers

What you'll learn

How to design and build SQLite databases

How to use SQL queries to insert data, run searches on it, and retrieve data spread across multiple tables

How to integrate SQLite databases into your Python scripts for storing and searching for data


Basic PC skills

Download and run a free SQLite database management tool, called DB Browser

No Python experience is needed for the course, but the final three lessons are focused on using SQLite with Python

Course Content

0 Section 0 Lecture 0m total length

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