Deliver Intriguing Introductions that Open Opportunities

Answer "So, What Do You Do?" In a Way that Actually Works

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So, what do you do?

It seems like a simple enough question.  

But it's actually so difficult, awkward, confusing, or uncomfortable, that you don't even answer it. You just throw out your job title and hope the other person understands what you do.

Or, on the other extreme, you go into a long, convoluted Elevator Pitch that, in the context of a personal conversation, seems contrived, disingenuous, and not authentic at all.

And you wonder why no one is interested in what you do?

It may be because you didn't have an Intriguing Introduction. One that naturally resonated with people, peaked their curiosity, and made them want to ask you questions and engage.

How you introduce yourself is one of the key business communication skills. It can open up huge opportunities for you, or close them before the conversation even gets going and damage your personal brand.

And let's not forget those introductions to small groups, and even whole rooms of people at organizations and events where you have anywhere from 10 seconds to a whole minute to introduce yourself...  It's both an opportunity and a risk, but at scale.

If you are a:

Business Owner, or are in Sales, Marketing, Branding, Business Development, Community Engagement, Fundraising

.....or are in any other role where you have to be out meeting new people and making connections, this course is for you.

You may be a natural networker wherever you go, or focus on organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce, Non-Profit Board, Civic Club, or Referral Groups like BNI.

Or you may be doing Organic Outreach and "networking" on social channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Regardless of where you need to introduce yourself, if you have an Intriguing Introduction you will Open Opportunities to build relationships and promote your products and services.

When you apply the frameworks, models, and principles in this course, you'll be able to...

Give introductions that are: 

  • 3-5 seconds
  • 15-30 seconds
  • 30-60 seconds 
  • Or any length in between...

...Deliver those introductions to: 

  • Individuals, one to one
  • Small Networking Groups
  • Huge Audiences
  • And anybody Online on the Internet...

...For the purposes of:

  • Lead Generation
  • Nurturing Opportunities
  • Referrals
  • Or Strategic Partnerships

I put this course together because I’ve been “that guy.” That guy that was paying a lot of money to go to networking events to meet people and grow my business, but wasn’t getting any traction because every time someone asked me what I did, I rambled through an answer or said something that left people completely confused. 

But you don’t have to be that guy.

Checkout some of the preview lectures, then register. You’ll be really glad you did.

Who this course is for

  1. Business Owners, Professionals, Salespeople, Marketers, Fundraisers, or others that regularly generate confused looks, blank stares, or the silent nods of people that are pretending to understand your explanation of what you do.
  2. People that would like others to be interested in what they do.
  3. New entrepreneurs that struggle to explain the value of their startup.


  1. This course was fantastic. It's thorough and engaging. Will does a great job sharing the keys to building great introductions that will get you noticed. I know because they got me noticed. If you really take your time and think about what Will is teaching, apply it to your situation, and then do the assignments you will see huge benefits as you are better able to communicate what you do and the progress you help your customers make ~ Z Stucki
  2. A great course with easily digestible information that can immediately be put into action. The framework is applicable to networking in any situation and provides a blueprint to be deliberate and clear in your message! ~ M Meyer
  3. This course is deceptively simple. The videos are short, to the point, and the concepts are easy to understand. But make sure you are in the right headspace to take on the assignments. This is not to be done in between meetings. Set time aside to really be able to focus and get the most out of course work. This really challenged me on how I present myself and how it could be so much more effective. Definitely worth the time and effort to take this! ~ Shannon N
  4. After taking this course, I have a plan of what I am going to say, when I am going to attend a networking event. In the past I would just wing it, which rarely worked out ~ Carlos A
  5. This guy is great. Love his enthusiasm and clarity ~ B Donaldson
  6. My abilities to network and intrigue my audience has completely improved since beginning my training with Will Dukes ~ D Sanders
  7. Will keeps it simple and direct so the material is meaningful and the time is efficiently spent ~ A Jacobs
  8. This course definitely gave me something to think about as to how I introduce myself and what I do ~ H Ong

What you'll learn

  1. Confidently answer, "So, what do you do" in a way that generates interest and more conversation
  2. Cut through the "noise," and create introductions that make you stand out and be memorable
  3. Use frameworks for creating Short (<5 seconds), Medium (15-30 seconds), and Long Introductions (30-60 seconds, aka the "Elevator Pitch")
  4. Create multiple versions of these introductions for use in different scenarios, events, and audiences
  5. Tailor your answer for specific target markets and specific product/services
  6. Integrate these introductions into your online marketing efforts


That students be in a position or role where they want to open up more opportunities from live or online networking events.

Course Content

6 Sections 21 Lectures 55m total length
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Lady May Palad
  • 09/08/2021 19:05
  • Recommended for Appropriate for all
It is so amazing what knowledge I have gain with the 55 mminutes Course of leaving a bomb impression when introducing what you do. I think that the total impression with the course is that it is very detailed and very precise. I learned that Be confident and Not confusing people when you introduce yourself to them is the key to keep the business market chasing you.

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