Develop Knockout Powered Confidence

Escape Seeking Validation, Insecurities, & Fears To Become A Truly Confident Person To Get What You Want In Life

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Have you sought the acceptance, validation and approval from others? Are you someone who gives and gives in relationships, trying to earn other people's love and acceptance in return? Chances are that if you approach others from a place of needing their validation, you struggle with believing in yourself. And you struggle with confidence too.

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to overcome the self-defeatist mindsets of seeking acceptance from others to become truly confident. This masterclass is titled "Knockout Power Confidence" because we'll illustrate how this system works using the metaphoric storytelling of Rocky Balboa's story.

Aside from the film references, you'll also learn how to harness your own unique superpowers to begin a journey into self-love that will transform the way you see yourself.

Here's more of what you'll gain from this masterclass:

  1. Break the burdens of perfectionism.
  2. Overcome the negative stories that your inner critic plays on repeat.
  3. Throw away the need to seek other people's validation and acceptance in order for you to feel good about yourself.
  4. Redefine how you understand some essential elements of Love including Kindness, Grace, Trust, and Patience.
  5. Learn how to give yourself unconditional Love (Grace) in a super simple and practical way that will immediately change how you see and feel about yourself.
  6. and much more.

If believing in yourself and having confidence has been a struggle, look no further. In just under an hour, your whole concept of self will be revolutionized. You'll find inner strength, solidarity, and faith in yourself you didn't know you had.

And you'll see how your story mirrors those of others who have been down a similar path and chosen to Love themselves to transform their lives. As you do this, your life will transform too!

Who this course is for

  1. People who struggle with not believing in themselves
  2. People who have experienced bullying
  3. Divorcees and those who've been cheated on or betrayed
  4. People with self-worth issues

What you'll learn

  1. How to overcome insecurities and self-worth issues related to bullying, rejection, fear, and insecurities
  2. How to release negative beliefs that have held you back, made you seek validation from others, and kept you trap in cycles of depression and anxiety
  3. Simple and practical steps to take to grow in confidence today


  1. Show up fully
  2. Pay attention
  3. Take notes
  4. Put into practice what you learn

Course Content

10 Sections 12 Lectures 54m total length

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