Digital Marketing Starter for Entrepreneurs

A Digital Marketing Mastery Course

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Connecting with your customer on real-time basis. Yes, Digital Marketing helps you not only to identify your customers online, but also helps you to connect with them in real-time which leads your business to grow.

In this course "Digital Starter", I have created a clear pathway to take your business to the next level in digital space. You don’t have to be tech savvy. I have explained everything in simple terms. In this course I have discussed the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and its tools from the industry point of view, to get you started. In addition to that, assignments and tasks will benefit you in achieving your success by the time you finish this course.

This Course has these important topics:

Step 1: Gets you started with identifying your customers across billions and billions of internet users. How you can identify your customer and why you need to identify them in the first place. Once you do the assignments, you will have your buyer’s persona.

Step 2: Know your platforms. This step is again important because when you are starting your Digital journey you want to invest your resource at the right place. Learn how to identify the platforms and then choose the right one for yourself.

Step 3: Write a compelling copy for your audience. Understanding your audience will help you to write amazing copy. Of course, tools will help you with the words which are well researched and appling. Complete your assignment and you will have content for the whole month.

Step 4: Visuals for social media. People keep scrolling on their phones. The only thing that stops them is smart visual placement. How to do that? I have shared tools & processes how you can create graphics for your social media.

Step 5: Creating a database for your business. The business is by your customers. If you don’t have customers, you are not in business. So, creating database for your customers is a must. Thus, Email marketing will come in handy to you. How to format an email which has very good open rate. Check it out in the Video, Tools, Format and Assignment.

Step 6: Work hard but also work smart. Automation is not an option for Digital marketing but a necessity as it will help you stay consistent. So how to automate and stay regular is what you will learn here.

Step 7: The most important step is closure. If you don’t get your customers in your funnel the whole efforts of digital marketing are wasted. To get people in your funnel you need to make a pitch to your customer. Where they see the value, you are offering. Thus, this is going to help you.

Bonus: Engagement is the key to perform on social media. How to get more engagement on the content you are sharing and how to convert this engagement into more traction for your brand. Tips and tricks to do that exactly.

Assignment: 30 Days Action Plan. After understanding the fundamentals and doing tasks, you need a full-fledge plan to get started. These 30 days action plan will help you to just do that. Every day you have to do 1 task which will keep you on track to achieve Digital Success.

First Assignment During Step 1:

Create a Buyer's persona using the template and share that persona in gallery. This will help you to understand your target audience and myself or other students can also give some suggestions/recommendations that could help your analysis further.

PS: Refer to template of Buyer's Persona

Second Assignment During Step 2:

Do your research, share the stats which may help you as well as others. Stats like how many users are currently using Facebook or per minute how many reels are produce etc. Share that in discussion section of the course.

Third Assignment During Step 3: 

Create a content planner for yourself. You may start small. You may wish to create a content planner for a week. Take a screenshot and post it in gallery which will help you to stay accountable. You may also share your homework there so others can follow you.

Fourth Assignment During Step 7:

Creating a sales pitch. This is a very important step. After going through all the steps, create a soft sales pitch and post it in the gallery. So, we can give suggestions and recommendations for making it better if needed. Because perfecting a sales pitch is one of the most important steps of your business.

Fifth and Last Assignment for overall course: 

30 days Action plan. Learning is not enough. Learning and implementing the same is important. This is what is going to help you grow. So, I have shared a 30 days action plan for you to implement for your business. After following it for 30 days you can share your experience in the gallery. 30 days, 30 Actions to be taken for your Digital Success.

I look forward to reading all of your work and comments during and after this course. All the very best. If you have any questions/doubts, feel free to reach out to me!

All the best. Go ahead and get started with Digital Starter.

Who this course is for

  1. Business Owner/Entrepreneurs
  2. Budding Entrepreneurs
  3. Freelancers
  4. Students
  5. Digital Marketer
  6. Marketers
  7. Sales Manager

What you'll learn

  1. Learn fundamentals of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  2. Learn how to launch your online business with limited resources
  3. Learn about tools which you can leverage for Digital Marketing for Free
  4. Learn about content writing/Marketing
  5. Learn about Email marketing
  6. Learn about creating experience for your customers
  7. 30 days action plan to get started with your online Business promotion


Anyone who has a Laptop/Computer and a stable internet connection.

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