Digital Marketing Strategy for Managers & Entrepreneurs

How to Conceptualize Digital Marketing in less than one hour

Last updated 1/2023 English

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A time-saving, visual explanation of the major aspects of online marketing for the non-technical, busy manager.

SEO and Cost per Click advertising are presented by using explanatory images which simplify the information overload produced by the internet. Upon completion of this course you will understand how social media, website development, e-commerce and mobile marketing fit into overall business strategy. The content is geared towards managing online marketing from a strategic perspective, not performing specific detailed tasks. The focus is on cultivating management behavior.

You will acquire the skills of prioritizing the amount of time spent on different online activities, you will invest ad-spend dollars judiciously, you will research appropriate content with insights which persuades consumers, and you will identify keywords which maximize traffic. You will also align online marketing activities, to specific pages on your website, by applying marketing principles efficiently.

By the end of the course, you will be the architect linking all your digital platforms; you will also be the archer (deciding which target segments to hit) with each advert. As both architect and archer, you will exercise strategic and tactical thinking, in order to formulate a sound digital marketing strategy. 

Who this course is for

  1. Marketing managers
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Public Relations specialists
  4. Commerce students
  5. Social media enthusiasts
  6. Business Owners
  7. Corporate employee


  1. It's an excellent match for me. Simple and logical. It's answering questions I've had and making my current endeavour seem much less overwhelming ~ Jo-Anne K
  2. It is very good as it expands my knowledge from prior knowledge and gives better understanding to Digital marketing in ways i didn't contemplate. Very informative indeed ~ Aphelele O
  3. Digital Marketing Strategies made simple and easy to understand, yet vital to success. Thank you sir ~ Imraan C
  4. Very informative and assisted me in deciding on which Digital Marketing Strategy best suits my business ~ L Lindeque
  5. This course was very concise and informative. It gave very relevant information and very well detailed on the different strategies ~ Anathi K
  6. Very informative and to the point ~ Sulette V

What you'll learn

New business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who have little background in marketing of the digital world will learn:

  1. The main concept behind SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising
  2. How social media fits into a digital marketing strategy
  3. Understand the place of e-commerce and an online store
  4. Obtain a clear understanding of the costs for key search words
  5. Know what SERPS are (search engine optimisation pages)
  6. Clarify the importance of domains and branding considerations

This short course concpetualises complex digital ideas within an easily understandable, markering framework. It offers a perfect starting point for individuals and companies to begin discussing their digital marketing strategy, in a manner that everyone can understand.


  1. Basic understanding of the internet and social media, e-commerce and websites.
  2. No technical knowledge is required.

Course Content

5 Sections 5 Lectures 42m total length

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