Distribution Station & Feeder Protection

Fuses, Relays, Reclosers, Surge Protection Devices

Last updated 1/2023 English

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This course covers utility distribution stations and feeder protection including fuses, new IED relays, and old school time overcurrent relays. Feeder relays and apparatus are examined including reclosers. Power transformer protection is reviewed including Current Mismatch Caused by Differing CT Ratios; Delta-Wye Transformation & Currents Shifts; Mismatch Induced by Load Tap-Changers; CT Saturation and Remanence and Inrush Phenomena and Harmonic Content problems.

Who this course is for

  1. Engineers
  2. Technologists
  3. Technicians
  4. Supervisors
  5. Students.


  1. Very good content. The instructor has been very explanatory. I would totally recommend it for beginners and for people that want to refresh their skills ~ G Papoutsis
  2. The instructor has beautifully explained all the topics of the course with great details. The coordination studies he showed were very well presented and very insightful. I thank him for providing and hosting such unique courses which are rare to find on the market with such prices! Thanks man! ~ H Al Radhwan
  3. Very good explanations using first principles ~ M Tiran

What you'll learn

  1. Here we deal with the protection & control principles of distribution stations and feeders. Transformer Differential Protection is studied along overcurrent protection.
  2. System Faults; station configuration & elements; Differential Protection; CT Saturation & Mal-operation of Transformer Protection; CT Saturation & Restraint Differential Protection; Fuses; The Modern IED Relays (Intelligent Electronic Device).


A solid background in electrical circuitry.

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