Dreams, Symbols, Signs & Life: Stuck in Old Patterns? How to Stop Going Round in Circles.

What can you do to really transform these recurrent patterns and negative cycles in your life, these enigmas in your evolution?

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Do you ever find yourself going round in circles, dwelling on an old situation, an old grudge or resentment, unable to stop? What are your options: forget? run away? rebel? You understand that neither keeping it all in nor letting it all out are the right solution. So, what can you do to really transform these recurrent patterns and negative cycles in your life, these enigmas in your evolution?

In this conference, Geoffrey will talk about karmic difficulties that can repeat themselves in our lives. Through concrete examples and the study of corresponding dreams, he will explain how a nightmare, even if at first sight negative, actually contains explanations of behavior that we need to change so as to move on to new stages in our lives and gradually discover a more dharmic path.

If you are having difficulty managing your anger, if you sometimes keep everything inside and then explode and regret it, if you feel like you are going round in circles, if you have been through great trials and ordeals and don't know how to transform them, then this conference is for you.

Who this course is for

  1. People who are interested in the meaning of their dreams or who wonder why they don’t dream
  2. People wishing to improve their understanding of human psychology, and develop true, profound compassion and humility
  3. People who have existential questions, who want to understand the meaning of life, of their existence...
  4. People who wish to understand each other and improve their life both on the inside and on the outside, on all levels: in their couple, their family, with friends, at work, etc.
  5. People who want to transform their limitations and live their full positive potential
  6. People who want to learn how to unify Spirituality and Matter

What you'll learn

  1. What are dreams ?
  2. What are signs ?
  3. How to read and understand signs ?
  4. What are symbols ?
  5. What is the DSSI Training ?
  6. Why dreams are the most advanced technology ?
  7. How to create a "Wow" life ?
  8. Emotion Quotient & Spiritual Quotient
  9. The law of resonance
  10. Spiritual autonomy
  11. Understanding that life is a continuous school of evolution and transformation to develop our qualities, to go toward the best of ourselves.
  12. How to activate dreams & your potential inside ?
  13. How to activate synchronicities ?


  1. No requirements or prerequisites
  2. Wanting to improve and get to know yourself better

Course Content

1 Section 1 Lecture 1h 40m total length

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