eCommerce Pricing Strategies

Last updated 5/2022 English

Many people are conducting eCommerce business but are they doing it correctly. 

Where's the opportunity? This is where you will learn about different pricing strategies to grow your sales.

This course has multiple price changing techniques you can implement on WooCommerceMagentoShopify and other eCommerce CMS or custom websites either through Free or Paid Plugins or manually without paying additional cost.

What about the Bundle Pricing where you create a deal of multiple, similar or complimentary items and sell it through coupon or through email marketing strategy?

What about Priority Pricing where you prioritize the old customers or customers who have newly joined or who have bought through specific categories to promote your products?

Choosing the good and correct pricing strategy for your online e-commerce store is vital, you’ll have to test mixtures of a few ideas before selecting the best option that will work best.

Is this a good strategy to base your prices on production costs or based on competitors? How about different market factors that matter or customer value?

In this training program, you will learn about different techniques to grow your sales through the roof and get newly acquired customers.

Not all the pricing strategies are same, even for the same product, you could add different mixtures e.g. selling products individually and bundling it with different complementary products as well.

What you'll learn
  1. E-Commerce
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Sales Skills
  4. Sales Management

Content Marketing expertise or Existing website will help.

Course Content
6 Sections 11 Lectures 31m total length