Electric Power Metering for Single and Three Phase Systems

Presents the fundamentals of instrument and metering in utilities and industry

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Upon completion, participants will be familiar with:

  1. What is Electric Power
  2. AC & DC Power
  3. Voltage, Current, & Power Vectors (Phasors)
  4. Capacitive & Inductive Loads
  5. Real, Reactive & Apparent Power (Watts, Vars, VA)
  6. The Dynamometer Wattmeter
  7. The Energy Meter
  8. Single-Phase Metering
  9. Instrument Transformers
  10. Current & Voltage CT's & PT's
  11. 3-Wire, Single-Phase Metering
  12. Polyphase Energy Meters
  13. 3-Wire, Single-Phase Metering with CT's & PT's
  14. Metering a 3 Phase 4 Wire Load ("Y" Connected)
  15. Metering a 3 Phase 3 Wire Load (Delta Connected)
  16. Measurement Canada Standards
  17. Blondel’s Theorem 
  18. Phase & Line Relationship

Who this course is for

  1. Electrical Power Systems Managers, Engineers, Technologists, Maintenance Workers, Students in Engineering
  2. Anyone who wants to learn power & energy measurement of a three phase system.


  1. Very thorough and detailed explanations. Very good ~ N Acharya
  2. A very useful tutorial for understanding power measurement using different wattmeter configurations. It provides a high-level description of the inner connection and elements of a wattmeter. The numerical examples are very useful to understand the concept ~ F Omar
  3. Clear and simple. Each section is short and concise. Speaker is clear and direct ~ James L

What you'll learn

  1. The student will understand the physics of electrical power, the instrumentation involved in the measurement of single and three phase power flow.
  2. Example: Understanding digital & analog Wattmeters, Kwhr Meters, polyphase connections.


  1. You should have a basic understanding of single and three phase power systems.
  2. You should have the basic understanding of an electrical three phase power system.

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