Ending Harassment & Retaliation in the Workplace

A behavioral approach to bullying & harassment

Last updated 5/2023 English

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In order to end harassment and retaliation in the workplace: employers, managers and employees must learn why these behaviors occur and what has to happen to get them to stop. This 1 hour online course will help you learn the skills you need to protect yourself and others from harassment and retaliation. 

In an ideal world, things would be easy. People would be nice to each other and problems, when they arise, would be handled respectfully. In the real world, things are different. People can be mean and aggressive and harassment is all too common. The problem is that any attempt to end harassment usually results in retaliation. This is so common that laws have had to be enacted to prohibit it. But, as we all know, laws aren’t enough.

Harassment occurs in many forms; and almost always, attempts to get it to stop results in some form of retaliation. This program will discuss the science of behavioral conditioning so you can better understand the harassment dynamic and why retaliation occurs so that you can understand what has to happen to make it stop. 

This 1 hour course will provide participants with:

  1. Knowledge of how and why retaliation occurs
  2. An overview of the psychology behind retaliation
  3. How to plan for and eliminate harassment and retaliation using basic behavioral training techniques.

Topics covered include:

  1. What harassment is
  2. Why does it occur
  3. Understanding the retaliation dynamic
  4. What has to happen to get it to stop

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who has dealt with harassment in the workplace and wants to know how to get it to stop
  2. HR Professionals
  3. Diversity Professionals
  4. Managers
  5. Employee Relations Professionals
  6. Executive Leadership
  7. Mental Health Professionals
  8. Life Coaches


Great content and I learned a lot of strategy and coping skills when dealing with bullies in the workplace ~ Deborah C

What you'll learn

  1. Stand up to bullies effectively
  2. Not be deterred by the retaliation dynamic
  3. Improve their interpersonal interactions because they will understand the dynamics playing out more fully


  1. This is an entry level course.
  2. No prior experience is required.

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