Export Import of Merchandise at FCL Term or Containerized

EXPORT IMPORT Principles & the Operational, parties involved, the documentations and Terminologies.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This Course describes how the operation of Exporter and Importer practically, especially about the basic documentations needed at the process Export Import, basic and practical operation of the Exporter and Importer.

Practically there are three points of learning export import, these are:

  1. Documentations of Export Import happened or needed
  2. Parties involving at the direct operational of export import
  3. Terminologies or Terms frequently happened at Export Import concerning the documents, parties involved directly and Terms of the operational of export import including Incoterms2020.

Alfath Learning Center also called Edu Alfath Challenge is a team consist of a few people of my family that give sharing to learn Export Import with the background of my own working experience and finally, we can implement the knowledge of export import  to achieve a better of living.

This course describes the process utilizing basical scheme, the basic documents needed and the parties involved directly can be watched to be learnt with the videos, quizzes, pdf or power point material and assigments as a study case.

This course describes especially the documents of transaction utilized by exporter and importer in more detail, instead of the basic documents of export import: sales contract and LC payment concern.

The basic documents of transaction is that: Transport documents as an internal document, packing list and commercial invoice as an external documents and B/L or AWB as external document. An external document means that the documents utilized by both parties, exporter and importer for transaction.

Who this course is for

  1. This course is deeply learnt and studied in detail about Transaction of Documents, i.e. Transport Documents, Packing List, Commercial Invoice and the B/L, also about the basics of Business of Contract i.e. SALES CONTRACT as the basic contract between Exporter and Importer, and LC Payment and the Content of it as a basis of safety payment at the Export Import matters. Of course, we study all Documents of Export Import, beginning from the Introduction Letter till Sales Contract and the other documents as supporting documents of Export Import making the process running well as based on the Sales Contract and there will be an easy process of Import at the customs of the Importer, because there is a document called COO (Certificate Of Origin) isssued by the Commercial Govermental Department of respective Exporter Countries.
  2. This Course begins with the ways of how to achieve the Sales Contract with the scheme, till realizing of Export and Import process, so it is easy to make an understanding the process of Export Import. In this case, you will know the kinds of Documents and parties or Institutions involved at the process of Export and process of Import of goods or merchandising. Students are going to know well who makes the documents and get the approval of them or the partners or parties will issue the new document for the approval of the matters made, for example that Exporter makes a shipping instruction towards the shipping company or the forwarder, and in this case the shipping company will issue the new document called B/L or BL as a shipping document.
  3. The function of B/L is 3 (three) roles as of a shipping document, i.e. as receipt, as transport and as ownership of concerning the merchandise delivered.
  4. Anyone who wants to develop the skills of export import matters and finally has a higher salary as an employee.


  1. Happy to have paid for the course as I am learning a good system to follow when going into the export-import business ~ Gabriel S
  2. Thank you very much for your comprehensive course about how to export by detail. That Is complete my education of export product. Thank's pa Nurhadi ~ Husni I

What you'll learn

  1. The student will learn about the process of operational of export import completely in general.
  2. The learning refers to all documentation needed, parties directly happened and terminologies of the operation frequently happened.
  3. This course content concerns the basical documents needed, namely: Sales Contract and LC payment.
  4. The second content concerns about the documents of transaction, namely: Transport document, packing List, commercial Invoice and Bill of Exchange - The document of shipping issued by delivery agent, either B/L or AWB, learning the knowledge as a document of transaction as well.


  1. Anyone who has a desire to enlarge the knowledge of export import to achieve a better career designed by Alfath Learning Center: Alfath Edu Course.
  2. Having an ability of operating Word and Excel and also having a skill of photoshop is better, but it is not an obligation - It is a needed to make documents by computerization as master document of export Import, especially master documents for transaction, as document of export import i.e. Transport Document, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, and Bill of Exchange, besides the B/L or AWB which is issued by Delivery agent.
  3. In some cases the structure of master documents is made by system of the information of the company or programmer - In this case you need to understand well about the contents of the master documents. It happened at the modern company with a good system of information technology.

Course Content

11 Sections 15 Lectures 1h 31m total length

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